6 Reasons to go on Married at First Sight

6 Reasons to go on Married at First Sight

So Married at First Sight UK have announced that they are recruiting. This season they were thwarted by Covid but brought in Paul Carrick Brunson to lift things up. I thought that was the revamp but apparently there’s more.  I swear these TV programmes aren’t paying me to talk about them. I would tell you guys. But the other day I saw a post asking for people to apply for Married at First Sigh UK and thought, are there enough reasons to go on it?

1.     British Reality TV

I don’t think most reality TV shows work well in the UK space due to the pesky British reserve. It would be weird to be filmed for 8 hours a day for 40 minutes of potential footage and now you want people to show emotions instead of a stiff upper lip? Hmmm..

 Plus they seem to like commissioning celebrity based shows as celebrities REALLY want the reality paycheque. Nobody is really looking for love. They’re looking for something to give them an influencer / c-list career.

But find you must and this is just another way that you can maybe do that here. Lockdown hasn’t been kind to most of us in the dating space so why not go on TV and see if they can find that elusive someone for you?

2.     They’re changing the format to be more like Oz

The original format had 3 couples on the UK and 4 on the US and OZ one. Surprisingly Australia supersized two seasons ago and now have 10 couples on at once. They do weekly couple dinners and commitment ceremonies on how they are doing so that they can walk away from the marriage. It’s all very dramatic and you’re never sure what the other person is going to decide to do. Spoiler? Australians don’t seem to stay together. A few of the American couples have gone on to stay married and have babies etc. So, more couples doesn’t make it better. In fact there is so much interplay between the group that it take away from the couples. My view? Oz is covering up for poor Content Direction and poor picking /matching early doors. It’s clear that some couples shouldn’t be together from jump. That’s something UK can avoid.

3.     It’s lockdown

This may be an opportunity for some of you to get out of the house. And for those that don’t make it, it gives you something else to binge watch. There’s only so many times I can watch SKAM or Shameless USA. (this is a lie. I never get tired of watching SKAM)

4.     Is anything else working?

I don’t trust the experts. They clearly pick some couples for TV value alone and not because they’re compatible. And they’re stingy on the coaching. MAFS US is more coaching focused and it works out better for the couples as the experiment is bizarre enough. I’ve not seen another relationship reality show that works as well. Love is Blind was cute but ridiculous. Love Island I’ve never watched as it’s young folks. Celebs Go Dating is literally all about the celebs go PRing. And 5 Guys a week, it’s not only cringe but we never find out how it turns out. The only thing that has a semi success rate is First Dates but that’s on a pause.

5.     We need more diversity

It’s so white that I can’t with the current MAFS UK. The couples that make it for me on both MAFS US and OZ are those with strong cultures. The British ones struggle to keep me entertained. I’m not expected Real Housewives level activity but try to seem like you’re engaged in the process and more interesting than you’re being portrayed. I’m not sure I trust the producers to match Black folk or Asians on there appropriately. They’ll succumb to swirling and then wonder why there may be issues. Divorce him Chica if he doesn’t wash or season the meat!

6.     We deserve a happy ending

After three dry seasons we deserve to see one couple make it on the bloody show. Please! I mean how hard can it be to find someone the love of their lives and watch them eff it up over 6 weeks? Not that hard. There are a lot of singles out there who would enjoy being the first Happily Ever After MAFS UK couple. Give the audience what they want.

Why it’s a no from me

You really need to trust that other people know you better than you know yourself. I clearly don’t trust the experts as I don’t think the experts would get it right enough for me. Like internet dating, it suits a certain time of person really well. I’m not that person. Way too independent and don’t like spending too much time with others. The whole sleeping in bed with a stranger thing freaks me out. What if he blanket hogs?

That being said I can’t wait to watch the next one. Not sure if it’s to trash it or to revel in its success. Hoping someone I know goes on it though so that we can get the inside scoop!

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