Married at First Sight

So the UK version of Married at First Sight is back and as per usual it’s short and not so sweet. I don’t know why we bother? It’s not a British thing to talk about emotions. It’s so repressed! I posted about it on twitter and some people were upset that I found Stephanie, the blonde miserable wife of Jonathan a misery. She’s the blonde one.

Other versions

Let me go back. So far there are 3 countries in the Married at First Sight franchise. Couples are matched then meet on their wedding day where they then go on honeymoon, move into together and entertain us with 6-7 weeks of their relationship highs and lows. The matching is done by science which is basically three experts . Arranged marriage for the Western, modern age. It lacks warmth.

I don’t buy into the concept. I don’t think it’s fair for people to go onto these shows to work through their relationship issues without the proper support system. The experts only come in intermittently.

The USian version of the show is hilariously American in that it’s overly dramatic and unnecessary. They drag out all of the obvious failures and successes to the point that it’s too bitter or saccharine. It’s also about 16 episodes so they drag it out with lots of cliff hanger segments and strained, made for TV drama.

Back to British

So there are two couples. The younger one is confident geezer Jack who is 25 and Verity, a someone insecure 28 year old only child who could quite easily slip into the friendzone. But they’re ok. The real story is James Blunt looking Jonathon who built his nurse wife Stephanie giant Jenga ® . I mean nothing says commitment to the process like a giant pile of wood. He’s not alpha and comes across as sincere but she’s not having it. Shallow and superficial she just doesn’t fancy him.

All that’s fine but, does she need to be a bitch towards him? I know it’s television and it’s edited to entertain but she’s seriously hard work. Ironically, I don’t understand why she thinks she’s some sort of cool catch? I’m surprised that he’s into her. Last nights episode saw her declaring that the relationship would end in divorce when he predicted they would stay married. Way to be committed to the process Steph.

I do like Jack though. He seems to really know what he wants out of life and has the confidence to stand up to his family who think Verity isn’t a looker and keep the relationship fun. Totally Team Jack.

What it does highlight however  is how superficial dating still is in the Tinder age and how women perpetuate this as much if not more so than men. Also the instant connection myth is a lie. That’s lust. Accept that lust isn’t sustainable.

I’ll continue to watch it of course but, I’m going to grumble about it. Last episode is next week!

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