The Venus retrograde call

The phone rang and it was a private number. I braced myself. Yes I knew that it could be a credit card company but it’s 2014. I’m fearless. Sadly it was worse.

It was the ex whose number I blocked back in April of 2013. I bumped into him over Christmas and he clearly saw this as an opportunity to call me. (Wait, I just realised that he made a part of my Christmas party round up)  I’ve written about our short lived interaction in Dating a man child and We’re going to Ibiza. Yes, he made it into 3 blogs I was so annoyed.

Him: Hi it’s me

Me: Are you calling me from work?

Him: Yes

Me: But didn’t you think I blocked your number for a reason?

Him: You blocked my number? This has never happened to me before. I just thought your phone was always off because you’re busy with work and your personal life.

Me: And yet you still called…I’m sure you’ve been blocked before. You just didn’t realise. Wait, didn’t you ex before me block you?

Him: No, she didn’t block me. She changed her number and refused to give me her new one.

Me: Ah!

The signs were there. You see what I’m dealing with my precious?

I know, I know you’re thinking why didn’t I see it

I asked him why he was calling and he professed wanting to know how I was and that he wanted to be that positive friend in my life. He then proceeded to tell me about himself for 30 minutes whilst I looked at photos of Omari Hardwick online. It’s allowed. Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Omari. I know you’re reading this.

I told Ex that I didn’t need another exhausting male friend that wasted my time and energy. That I didn’t trust him, he was flaky and that luckily I had more than enough positive people in my life. This wasn’t anything new.

He went quiet.

I was just about to make my escape when he told me that he didn’t want to be my friend but wanted woman saying noanother chance. That he had changed and he was a different person now. I asked how he had changed. He said that he thought about other people now. I asked him how us getting back together was thinking about me and my needs.

He went quiet.

I asked him if he was still living with his sister. He said yes and tried to tell me about his family dramas. Yes this was not going well.

Eventually I asked him what he hoped to get from this call and he said a chance to prove himself and that he wasn’t a bad person. I thanked him but made it clear that he was a bad person to me and I wasn’t in the mood for this.

Afterwards I thought about it and realised that the Universe is messing with me by offering me what I had a year ago and didn’t want. This whole Venus retrograde thing isn’t a good look and I’m just too tired to bring a trifling man child from 2013 into my #Fabulosity2014.

So in your face Universe. MY first challenge is completed. Now where is my prized FuHu? (future husband)?  See Victory dance below.

Victory dance

© Chelsea Black 2014

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