Dating photo faux pas part 2

F is for photo faux pas

The better looking friends

I can’t say this often enough. Know your dating value and know where you fit in with your group of friends especially visually. I know that I’m the personality loud mouth that chats to everyone. That’s my role. Therefore you will never see a photo of me and any of my friends on a dating site. Why? Because I will once again be subjected to a date or 2 whilst he tries to figure out if my pretty friend would ever fancy him. Chances are she would have loved you if you had just said you liked her first but no….you thought befriending me would work. But I digress.

Many a time I have been left guessing as to which one the guy is. Why are there so many of you? Are you part of some cult? And why are the faces so small?

I don’t know why I bother. I should just look for the least attractive one and chances are it’s him. Because it’s always him. And those gorgeous friends of his are in relationships so he can’t even hook you up. I know, I’ve asked. So I say lose the group photos unless it’s with family and you’re trying to show that you have good genes. There’s never harm in easing her baby worries.

But wait there are other photo Faux pas. I just have to go get to the shops before they close. Same time tomorrow my precious?

© Chelsea Black

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