Photo faux pas part 1

Apologies this seems to have duplicated as part 2

F is for the photo faux pas

OK so I’m not the most visual of people but even I know the importance of a photo when it comes to online dating.  I tend to go for three. The head shot, the body shot and the I have a life party shot. It’s really not that difficult right? So why or why do I have to endure the following crimes against dating sites:  (p.s I’m not posting actual ones as I feel this is a cruel trend when some people genuinely want to find love but are just hopelessly ugly or clueless. I won’t partake of this new sport)

The heavy head

This pose is the professional consultant pose of old. You are pensive and knowledgeable therefore your head is so head you must prop it up with a hand, figure or an arm. Yes yes you know a lot and so deserve the hundreds you charge a day for the pleasure of this knowledge. However on a dating site it has become obvious that this pose is not to suggest intelligence but instead to highlight a watch or accessory.

This may work if you can spot the difference between a Swatch and a Swiss classic but I can’t so this doesn’t work. Sorry. You just look weird. And one shot like this is vaguely less irritating but 3! That’s one hell of a watch pose you go going there buddy.

Note to the stupid, wedding rings change the colour of the skin underneath. Best you use the other hand.

© Chelsea Black


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