Dating is Back!

Dating is Back!

I’m a believer

Yesterday I went to the supermarket in my mask. Yes I’m still a believer that Covid-19 exists and can be spread in public. Besides, I got cute African print masks.  To get there I had to pass at least 5 restaurants and 3 bars. The good news for singirls and singuys out there? DATING IS BACK! The bad news? I don’t see any social distancing happening in these here restaurants. What the fuck is going on?

This response reminds me of 80s / 90s dating when people didn’t think AIDs existed or that it was a gay disease because that’s where it hit in larger numbers in certain western countries. We are not in a post AIDs society. The pandemic is very much living among us. Don’t think you have to be high risk to catch it.

Dating Ready

Now I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer as some of you need to date. I mean seriously, some women made dating their whole social existence. No friends just dates. And social isolation hasn’t been easy for anyone especially the singirls and singuys who live alone. I get it. Our social mental health needs for us to get back out there and meet new people. Video calls can only go so much. You all are ready for the next level and I’m happy for you.  

Way forward

So here’s what I suggest: Date like Covid is still a factor. Do your cute lighting video date or that picnic or walk initially before running into bars full of people. Get take out and do a Netflix and chill if you’re already more than 2nd date acquainted and you know they’ve been careful. Just, don’t go sit opposite someone in a bar or restaurant maskless, surrounded by a whole group of other maskless people hoping you’re ok. You’re not.

If you insist on eating out, and I get it, we are all so tired of our own cooking by now then, choose with caution. One restaurant I can recommend both on food and layout is Buona sera at the jam on the Kings Road. The waiting staff also wore masks and your booth means you have a bit more protection.

Is it worth it?

Pace not haste

Someone asked me once if it was worth it and I answered that it’s always worth coming out. I was younger and more naïve. That was 2018. Short answer is that risking health to spend a couple of hours with someone new doesn’t sound like a risk worth taking to me. I’m happy to wait until after Covid-19 to explore restaurants and bars again. I’ve also enjoyed watching people date differently.

I know that finding love is important to our well being but, I just don’t know if I want to die for the potential of love. It’s too 80s ballad for me. Why can’t we just date safely?

Happy Dating!

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