Where to find Black Women in London

After the blog on finding Black Men in London it was time to do one on finding Black Women in London. As a Black Woman I think we are everywhere, but, apparently finding us is harder than we think? So this is for the Black Men looking for Black Women in London. Good luck and let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed out. 

Single Black Women

Every single events I meet more single Black Women. We are proactive and go out there, not waiting for men to find us. They can be frustrating but stick with them as you will prosper. Have some banter and don’t mess with these women though as this is a small community and we talk. This isn’t a chance to get sex and then come back again. Trust! You have been warned. 

Black Women Brunching

I didn’t know this but apparently Black Women LURVES a brunch. I’ve just come back from Bobochacha in Tooting and I was shocked as EVERY table was filled with beautiful Sisters getting their grub and drink on. This isn’t great if you’re Gluten Free like me but for the rest of you, the rose prosecco, bao buns and the smoky chicken looked amazing. The cocktails are a vibe. 

Black Women Out

We are waiting for the Yolanda Brown venue to launch in Stratford but until then the most likely events aside from Caribbean and African restaurants would be Jazz Cafe in Camden and Boisdale in Canary Wharf. Check the calendar before you go though and don’t assume that a Black Artist means a Black audience. 

Black Women on Dating Apps

Dating Apps are a nightmare for Black Women and I’ve written on it before. It’s a game which is cool if you’re in your 20s and looking for some fun. But if you are after a relationship then there are things to consider in your profile. See Beating Dating Apps for Men . The only group which gets less love than Black Women is SE and East Asian Men. There are specific sites for Black on Black relationships but I’ve not had a great experience on them in general. But, if you are a serious Black Man then you can beat the bots and meet women in this way. My favourite generic one is Hinge and niche one, I’ve yet to find one that works. 

Black Women and Community  

Lots of Black Women are big on community so you know you will find them at church and other community centres but it’s harder if religion or a certain community aren’t represented. Joining charities is great if you want to help those communities, not to find love.

The Africa Centre has a lot of events as does Afford and also Black Cultural Archives. Check their websites. Black Women are always high supporters of events. I attended The Black Funding Network recently and could count the number of men on two hands whereas there were nearly 100 Black Women.  There a number of events such as Africa on the Square, Notting Hill Carnival etc but I like events hosted by Black History Studies and Black History Walks for a good gender mix and interesting topics 

Online Communities and Forums

Ok so Facebook groups have worked for me but the issue is that some people give great online banter but are useless at socialising or dating in the flesh. Some are great cut and pasters so all those philosophical posts are just stolen memes. There is also a risk that you’re catfished but if the online communities are having events then go ahead and see if you can meet up there. 

Meetup Groups 

Meetup Groups such as London Black Professionals have a plethora of Black Women in attendance. Some are new to the social scene or new to London so keen to find people to explore the city with. Others could easily act as your guide. Also add those book clubs or sci fi groups if you’re into a niche. 

You can try professional networks as well but this depends on whether or not you’re in a women heavy industry or not. Try those union events at work, you never know 

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