Beating the dating apps for Men

Just received this press release and it’s interesting to see that, I am not your typical woman so none of these would work on me but, apparently it works!?! If a man mentions dogs or coffee I’d actually be turned off. But then I’m anti dating apps these days.

Hint – for me try sugar, music / concerts, family, books!

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Chelsea Black

Top five things you should mention in your dating profile to find the perfect match

  • 47% of women on dating apps describe themselves as a non-smoker, compared to 27% of men.
  • Women are more likely to mention being a dog lover, compared to men.

A new study conducted by relationship experts at revealed the top five words men and women should mention in their dating profiles to find the most compatible match. The Tinder profiles of 8,380 heterosexual men and 8,145 heterosexual women in the UK were analysed and compared to discover any significant trends.

Top 5 words MEN should mention in their dating profile

1. Non-smoker

Non-smoker takes the top spot for the most frequently mentioned word in a woman’s dating profile. Regarding smoking habits, women are far more likely to describe themselves as a non-smoker than men. A massive 47% of women’s profiles mention the keyword ‘non-smoker’ compared to a man’s 27%. This data suggests that smoking habits are a large part of what women look for in a partner. Rather than leaving out smoking habits, men might consider adding this detail to their profile for a better chance of a match, especially as 20% of men’s profiles are missing the mention of the keyword ‘non-smoker’.

2. Travel

Another under-used keyword on men’s dating profiles is ‘travelling’. Of the dating profiles analysed, 30% of women’s profiles listed travelling in their bio. The study found that 17% of men’s dating profiles were missing the mention of travel. Men should consider advertising their adventurous side on their dating profile, and perhaps include pictures of past trips to get a woman’s attention. 

3. Dog

Pet preferences may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of finding a romantic partner, but to 33% of women, dogs are very significant. Dogs are actually the most frequently mentioned thing in a man’s dating profile, with 1,499 men featuring the lovable pets in their Tinder bio, but women mention them considerably more. Make it clear that you are a dog lover, and you might just see more matches coming through on your dating apps. 

4. Wine

Moving onto drinking habits, 14% of women mention wine in their dating profile bios compared to 3% of men. Adding a love of wine to your dating profile may secure more matches, as 11% of men’s profiles are missing this detail. 

5. Coffee

When it comes to caffeinated beverages, coffee may be the way to a woman’s heart, as 15% of women in the study mentioned coffee in their bio. In comparison, only 5% of men’s profiles in this study mentioned coffee. Advertising your love of coffee might just help you find your perfect match and would also be a tremendous first-date suggestion.  

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