Siri where to meet men in London

I asked the internet for ideas on where to meet men in London. You’re welcome.  

I wasn’t particularly surprised by the answer but given how we’ve moved on from the random meet and greet I side eye some of these?

  1. Bars and Nightclubs: There are many bars and nightclubs in London where you can meet new people. Some popular places to go include The Box Soho, Fabric, and XOYO.

The Box Soho is Caberet. I don’t think I know enough show tunes to make this work. I don’t think he’s looking at me. Fabric  and XOYO sound like a work out and I don’t know how attractive I look sweaty. The problem with bars and nightclubs is the music can be loud and the drunkenness can be high again. Do we REALLY want to be out here waking up with someone who looked different under strobe lights and 5 Porn star martinis?

  1. Sports Clubs: Joining a sports club or gym is a great way to meet men who share similar interests. Try joining a running club or a football team.

Wait you want me to literally CHASE a whole man around London? And how much talking are you having me try to do whilst huffing and puffing up Streatham Hill?  My waddle game is not strong enough for this one.

Football, there’s a reason there aren’t many mixed teams. Men think they’re playing in a World Cup semi final when it’s just a kick about. Nah. I don’t think these sports are necessarily the one . As a football fan who regularly attended matches there was very little flirting going on.

  1. Social Events: Attend social events such as parties, art exhibitions, or cultural festivals to meet new people. Some popular events in London include the Notting Hill Carnival and the Chelsea Flower Show.

This made me laugh as we used to go to Carnival back in the day to get numbers to see us through until the Spring. That last week of August. As for the Chelsea Flower Show, I’ll pass because I can’t fake interest in flowers and gardens. Not sure how many single men are heading to this either?

  1. Online Dating: Online dating is a popular way to meet new people. Some popular dating apps and websites in London include Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder.

I’ve talked ad nauseam about the dating apps. There are pros and cons for using them and it really depends on your location, what you really want and your expectations! But, go Bumble and tell me how it goes? 

  1. Volunteering: Volunteering for a cause you care about is a great way to meet like-minded men. Try volunteering at a local charity or community centre.

Pictures me trying to flirt over serving food to the homeless… OK so again it’s great to have a cause and yes, you may meet someone but you can’t be out there cruising. That’s where you will be meeting the hobosexuals of this world and wondering why you’re supporting a whole other 

  1. Coffee Shops: Coffee shops are great places to strike up a conversation with someone new. Try visiting independent coffee shops in your area.

This is a tricky one. Most of us go grab a solo coffee to take a break from meetings and from peopling. But shoot your shot Boo. Just maybe not at your local where it could get awkward? 

I love a google search for love advice but the reality is that it isn’t culturally specific enough and assumes that everyone out there is open to dating you. Some just want to run or coffee shop in peace. But, try we must my Precious. Unless he’s an Amazon or Deliveroo delivery driver he’s not going to find you sitting at home!

Happy Dating!

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