Black British Cuffing Season

Black British Cuffing Season

As I sit here on Bank Holiday Monday I reminisce on embarking upon a new season. No, not Autumn, Cuffing Season. That’s right, just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cuff, right? There are virtual ways to couple up.

I recently read somewhere that cuffing season was between Halloween and Valentine’s day which has me all confused.  Then I realised that the article I was reading was American and promptly decided to correct it for the Black British Cuffing Season because, we do have our own season.

What is Cuffing Season?

Tis the season when people are more likely to get into relationships because, winter is coming and nobody wants to be single. Makes sense as the search for a Winter Warmer / Gift Buyer are strong. Let’s be honest, Spring and Summer are hot times to be single and mingling. Nobody is thinking of a winter warmer before autumn, right? So why does the Black British one start so early?

Carnival cuff

So let’s go back to way before the days of mobile phones and the internet. The only way you could meet other black people of datable age was through clubs, bars and all days. Then, once a year for those who lived in London we were granted Notting Hill Carnival which was the biggest meat market ever. Sexual touching aside this was an opportune moment to meet people from different parts of London. This is where you would have a likkle dance and then exchange home numbers. Way before Social Media existed the home phone number was the only way you were getting hold of anyone.

 And so the bank holiday Monday of Carnival signified the start of Black British Cuffing Season. After months of agonising over your carnival outfit you would reap the spoils. You would walk away with a bunch of numbers that you would steadily work through in September. It was the end of summer and the staff of coupledom. It was a glorious day indeed. One massive speed dating over soca music.   

Black British Advantage

So what’s the big difference? Well it means that our social calendars differ and so we are not just dictated by the seasons.

The Black British Calendar


Black History Month


New Year’s Eve

Valentines day

As opposed to the American calendar which is




New Year’s Eve

Valentines Day

Black History Month

This is what we haven’t appreciated. We have 2 more moths of coupledom bringing us up to 6 months whereas they only have 4. Surely, we should be taking advantage of this?

 How to Cuff

Sadly this year with Carnival being virtual this will reduce us to Black History Months events in October. And under lockdown who knows how hard it’s going to get? But, don’t miss the start of this season. Get out there and date!

A guy tried to get with a friend of mine the other day. They exchanged numbers and immediately he was inviting her over that day for sex and scrambled eggs in the morning. Nah, sexy dancing at carnival aside you’re going to have to change your approach so it’s covid appropriate. Nobody is coming over for sex without figuring out how social distancing looks for you.

So respect safety is paramount at this time and don’t plan on meeting for a dance anytime soon.  Happy Cuffing!

© Chelsea Black ® 2020 Covid era

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