Ten Dating Twists Post Corona Part 1


The situation hasn’t hit its peak yet in the western world and we are still not flattening the Corona curve because people aren’t staying indoors. That said we have to start planning for a new world order with the positives and negatives that brings.

Whilst we are getting reports on the environment recovering itself and that communities are pulling together what does that mean for those of us out here trying to date? We’ve talked about dating during Corona but, what about afterwards when we all emerge from our cocoons completely different people ? Or will we go back to swiping and bed hopping after a night at the club? Let’s hypothesise:

1.Values will shift

We are in a superficial whirlwind with KarKrash reality TV and dating apps but, people’s values are likely to change in this post Corona space. It’s not about how cute is s/he but how equipped are they to survive a pandemic. Yes, you want someone that you fancy but I fancy someone who I can tolerate for a 21 day lock down without having to financially support them or want to scream because they’re too needy.

Post corona will also see more focus on family values and kindness. You want someone who is focused on home and community as opposed to those that sell being adventurous travellers and their great sense of humour. The comedians I’ve met have been somewhat insecure and dark whereas travellers tend to seek entertainment outside of themselves. These are great traits to have but maybe they will be lower in the priorities in many people’s heads.

Financial, emotional and physical security will become hotter values than what they do for a living and how cute they look in their Instagram selfies. There’s nothing sexier to me than sitting on the sofa watching another season of 4 in a bed whilst he reads.

2. Questions will change

Which means that questions and profiles will change. This will be the new Brexit. Did you vote Leave Remain will be replaced with how soon did you start social distancing and what measures did you take to ensure that you were prepared without selfishly stockpiling.

I want a man who knows how to survive an apocoplyse without having to raid costcos. You want someone who doesn’t complain about how inconvenient it was for them because they couldn’t go the gym. You want the relaxed, calm, confident partner in this time. Not the panicked mess who is likely to work you up into a state because there’s only 14 tins of chickpeas left in the spare room.

Dating Apps

I think we’ll see a change on dating apps and dating site profiles as more people will be marketing their survival skills. DIY, cooking, able to self-entertain will become core as opposed to outgoing, travellers who need the gym and their favourite group of friends to get through a hard week.

To be clear there are those who will have been displaced mentally by Corona and it’s affects on their lives. This we all accept. But it’s about how they manage change as opposed to the change themselves. Don’t be too quick to dismiss those who have had to make major shifts. And speaking of which ……..

3.    New careers will emerge

The survivalists will not be the ones who have 15 guns and can take on a zombie apocalypse. No the survivalists are the ones who spent their Uni days watching Ready Steady Cook and can feed a family on a pepper, a chicken breast and a grain none of us have ever heard of.  They will be the ones who can start up a kitchen from left over vegetables or a herb garden in days. They’re the ones who worship at the feet of MacGyver. They can turn the spare room into a home gym with some tins of beans, a broom or mop and a funky play list. So sadly when you’re asked if you can cook it’s no longer because the other person is being unnecessary. They really NEED to know.


People will change careers and for the next few years we are going to have people in their 30s to 60s doing new things to bring Financial security. Some may decide to move into more public service sectors as the pandemic motivates them to want to do go. So they won’t be making a lot of money initially. I don’t know what an apprentice wage is currently but it’s probably based on a 16/18 year old living at home with their parents and not a grown up with children and a mortgage. Be kind if you date someone in this circumstance. Chances are they’ll progress quickly as some skills may be transferable but they’ve not going to have the money for lavish first dates.

Aside from the new philosophers and Virus experts we all see on social media we will see a steep increase in online business owners and those working from home as a norm. This has its obvious pros and cons from increase of risks of poor quality to better work life balances. But we will also see increases in the well being and homeopathic space , healthy eating, exercise, gardening, cooking spaces. No longer coaching and how to make £40K selling stuff on Amazon. These will be about essential things. Social media pages are about to change. So when someone tells you they’re a wellness entrepreneur instead of a micro hotelier (Air BnB) don’t be surprised!  

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