Top 7 Lockdown Dates -Away

Top 7 Lockdown Dates -Away

I was catching up with a friend who was telling me about going on a Lockdown Date. Apparently, they’re all the rage. People are meeting online through Zoom and DJ live shows. Old friends are perusing photos and figuring now is the time to make that DM move Then they’re turning it into a private date for two. Who knew and should I not be a tad annoyed that nobody has invited me on one yet? Hmmmm…..

Any hoo the tide has turned. People believe we are over the worst of Covid and are starting to emerge from their cocoons. Perpetual daters will not be dampened by something as trite as a lockdown for long and the creativity is emerging. Long gone are the days when people were swiping to meet. It is all about grabbed those online vibes. So here are 7 Lockdown dates ideas which include both long distance and closer to home. Enjoy!

Dating Away

Movie Night

I heard of one dude that invited a woman to watch a movie together on Netflix. A Social Distancing Netflix and Chill. She took it literally and turned up in a onesie on her bed. Dude got dressed up like he was going to a restaurant with tablecloths. He looked like he smelled of Hugo Boss and had a nice bottle of vino to boot. And so they came together, bringing their own snacks and drink to watch said movie. I anticipate spending time arguing over the movie selection as I’m hella fussy but, the idea of you both watching together and chuckling / weeping at the same bits works. Just make sure your snacks are on fleek because you will be judged. Eggs aren’t a snack!

The Deliver -Who?

Know what their favourite restaurant is? Are they delivering right now? Did they mention that they were hungry but didn’t want to cook? Why not send them dinner? Demonstrate that you’ve been listening and suggest a food that she’s maybe mentioned. This one is great if you live overseas and they have uber eats there as you can order the same type of cuisine. Otherwise it’s Deliveroo I guess who seem to be doing the most during The Rona.  

Once they have it you can have a dinner date and eat together. Don’t forget not to skimp on the sauces and extras!

The DJ Special

This is old school but send her a youtube play list or mixcloud that you can backdrop to a video date or telephone date if you want to keep it REALLY old school. Music is the other food of love so you may as well use it.

DJs, this isn’t an opportunity to give a full set. Mix it up. Let the other person select a tune or three too, huh? I would suggest that afterwards you save it just in case the dating turns into more.

 It’s always fascinating which songs other people love and why. It can tell you a lot about that person and their influences. I mean, an ex once sent me a mix tape with R Kelly’s You Remind Me of a Jeep on it. Turns out he was a petrolhead with no real boundaries.

And here are the ones for those who are a little closer to home.

© Chelsea Black 2020 (The Rona Era)

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