Top 7 Lockdown Dates -Home

Top 7 Lockdown Dates -Home


So if you live in the same place and one / both of you drive then there is no excuse from actually meeting, right? We’ve done the long distance ones. Here are the rest of the 7 lockdown date

Social Distance Walk

So why not go over (masked) or meet up somewhere (masked) and go for a walk together. Abiding by social distancing and taking advantage of this gorgeous weather I’d suggest a breakfast time walk to avoid the crowds near parks.

I was going to suggest a roller skate, cycle or run but then there’s the sweating and breathing through a mask and ….maybe that’s’ a date 5 kind of activity ?

The Cook Off

Have you finally mastered that lasagne dish you brag about? Why not do a facetime for one and show them how you cook it. If you’re feeling extra body confident then you could easily do it in just an apron and tease while you knead that homemade bread.

The nice bit is that you can do it together like a cooking date with limited washing up. And if the food is that good then why not share it? If you know them already and where they live (non stalker-eque)  then you can do the food drop off.

The drop off

I like this one as it generally will lead to a drinks kind of hang out on the side of the pavement. Buy something they can use. I’d watch out for exercise gifts because er, yeah, the hibernation hasn’t been kind to everyone but, you could buy them a book or something? A candle. Something personal but not too personal (now is not time to gift a sex toy and hope that they will accept it in the non aggressive hinting way that you meant it.)

People love getting gifts especially when the only thing Amazon is dropping off is practical.

The Trial Move in

This one is only for the brave.

Ok so I know of a couple who were dating and then moved in for lockdown. So this isn’t for you new relationships. It’s working so far as he works all day and she just fabulouses her day away. But maybe, just maybe if you’ve both been good and live alone this may be the longest date of your life. A test as to whether or not it’s time to promote the relationship. Good luck though as a move in may seem easy but most people have funny habits you didn’t pick up on over All Bar One Cocktails.

Finally stay safe is the new stay blessed but don’t take risks for the sake of a shag. No private parts are worth it. I would grill the other person (no pun intended) extensively before letting them into the flat let alone my body. So that means you have at least 10 days to monitor them on other dates before making it more physical.

Happy Lockdown Dating!

© Chelsea Black 2020 (The Rona Era)