Are Dating Apps Whack Updated

Are Dating Apps Whack

Less than 24 hours later and I have an update on Are Dating Apps Whack.

Ok so last night I swiped right to 4 men on one of the apps. I sent them a message to ask them to bear with me as I was new on here and hadn’t quire got my bearings.. No need for them to know that I had veteran app status from 6 years ago. Let me chill on that knowledge, right?  

This morning, after encouragement from a few friends and my mother, I checked back in on the app. Two responded and I started a chat with one.

The Dude

Briefly he’s older, has 2 children, has a job and is West African. Fine

I’m like, cool we good. We have a couple of texts back and forth but I just ping him my number and tell him it’s probably best we speak on the phone. I was midway through reading a book and couldn’t be arsed breaking my concentration.

The Call

So he calls and straight away I detect a French African accent. Winning. We talk and there are definitely some synergies. Politically I don’t think so as he said he voted Leave but he twisted it and said that was because he knew that was the way the media and government were going. Huh? Let me not be one of those women who holds her political positions too closely. I tell him that I’m close to being a socialist but believe in a mixed economy and government blah blah. Yeah, clearly my flirt is broken.

Overall we were able to converse easily enough. He’s a bit of a mansplainer but I suspect most men default to this when they don’t know you?

But he tells me that he wants more children and is keen to meet as opposed to being one of those pen pals which I hate. Fine. Things are looking good!

The problems?

I tell him that I’ve got a booster booked for later in the month and, as I don’t want to put either of us at risk I wouldn’t want to meet prior to that.

He tells me cool as he almost died from Covid in April / May 2020. I’m like wow! You good now dude? You all vaxxed up right? No Long Covid etc? Hear him:

“Nah I haven’t taken the vaccine. I drink garlic, lemon, ginger and cloves instead of water and that seems to do the trick.”

I’m thinking, oh God, why me and this nonsense but let me not be judgemental. Then he’s all but I want a huge family so when can we meet up and start on a family? And when will you send me more photos and why did your last relationship end and…

Last words

And this is why I struggle with the apps. People out here love bombing, making plans for my biological reproduction and generally approaching this dating app malarky as an opportunity to get a leg over. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE a leg over but, why must my life be put at risk for it?


Let me see if are running any January discount offers.  I don’t know if the apps are gonna work for me. Maybe I’m more of a dating site kinda woman?

Day 2 and I’m seriously done already.

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