14 black romantic films for Valentine part 2

I’m back with the 2nd part of the 14 black romantic films for Valentine. I have to precursor this with the following – There will be no Spike Lee. I’ve just never taken to his style of film making. He’s a legend but I don’t recall romance. I’m told Mo’ better blues may have gotten a shout but….yeah, someone else’s list maybe.

I’ve also purposefully not added any gay movies on here as that’s a list all of its own and some of you claim to be a little sensitive. These films can be enjoyed by all hence I’ve steered clear of the gangsta nonsense ones. Or and no interracial. I considered Something New with Sanaa Lathan but hasn’t she featured enough and she is so uptight in it that I just can’t help but want to stick her with a pin or something. I just want to lust over chocolate today.

Ok back to the list and let’s kick off with a couple of old classics.

  1. Boomerang – rom com

I’m not going to lie but, I watch this and I still root for Robin Given over Halle Berry. Halle was too….nice! ‘Yeah you’re sorry. You’re sorry and you’re tired.’ Classic line. But she went after a man she knew had been into Robin so…no sympathy here for Berry. But seriously it taught a generation how to seduce both men and women and again an amazing soundtrack. As a film it is untouchable! A must for the collection. I’ve pulled the Robin Given’s ‘forgive me’ raincoat trick more times than I care to admit and…it works. And great to see Eartha Kitt and Grace Jones in unforgettable roles. Ooh I may just have to put my vote in for this one tonight.

  1. Coming to America –  com rom

I argue with people over the inclusion of this one all the time. The American depiction of their own ignorance is enough to keep me coming back for more. Watch it for Randy Watson’s rendition of ‘Greatest Love of All’ Sexual CHOC’LATE stylee!!  It’s funny, self-deprecating and for the scenes of African decadence and royal bathing I include it. I just know my next wedding is going to have some Coming to America inspired moments. And let’s face it a lot of us are looking for our African Prince. Oh just me? Fair enough. But this is more of a comedy then a romance. Still worthy of a shout though. I personally think most men would have gone for the first wife option but hey, ‘whatever you like.’

  1. Their eyes were watching god.  – rom

Before there was happily ever after we had stories from Zora Neal Hurston, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker and Toni Morrison. The way this man loved this woman and the woman loved this man is enough to make me ignore the fact that it has Halle Berry in it and doesn’t have the greatest of endings. But definitely a great love story.  I love couples that are hungry for each other. Tea cake!!

  1. Just Wright – rom com

So this film was an epiphany for me. I realised that I don’t want to be the Queen Latifah playing second fiddle to Paula Patton for the rest of my life. The message is simple. Don’t invite your pretty, scheming friends along to the party of the year when you like him and never, ever wear a blue evening gown that doesn’t give you a waist. (WARDROBE what were you thinking! It looked like leftover drapes). No wonder Common failed to sound convincing as he woodenly told her how beautiful she looked. No, she looked like she was wearing curtains. It was Common’s first lead role and he doesn’t truly suck so it’s definitely worthy of its place on the list. Just!

  1. The Wood

Omar Epps (Big Mike) in a much better role. I love this movie of first young love and the joys of growing up in IngleWOOD, California. There is that familiar feel of the new kid at school trying to navigate the girls, gang colours and which breath mints were the best for a school dance. Cute first sex scene, learning to dance and song’s like Luther Vandross’s ‘if this world were mine’. Taye Diggs is in this and is more than annoying as the drunken nervous groom but then disclaimer, I’m not a huge fan of his work. A must for the collection though as it shows the beauty of first love. If you are a fan of Love and Basketball then this one is a must. Cute naked butt scenes with a hose for those that need a little extra encouragement. Thought that might get you.

  1. The Brothers

Mixed views on this one. I love it but Bill Bellamy is annoying, Shemar Moore is cowardly, their depiction of women is wiggedy wack and DL Hughley needs to get over himself. It’s just a blow job. Apart from that I loved it. Oh right Morris Chestnut is in it. Slightly annoying too but the film is salvaged by lots of basketball playing with shirts off and humour. I love the Karate blonde but all the women are depicted as a bit too 2 dimensional. Another one you can watch with a partner as it’s not sweetly romantic. Unless you don’t give blow jobs in which case avoid!

  1. Two can play that game

I love this movie. Not a huge fan of Vivica A Fox but Morris Chestnut as the slightly guileless boyfriend and a cast of girlfriends makes this a must. This is passive aggressive game playing at its very best. It’s almost Shakespearian with the confidentes, witty banter and comedy of errors. I think this is the role Morris was born for although please be warned there is not enough flesh being shown by Morris. Instead Vivica does all the flesh showing and a great body too. Again one that you can watch with FuBo.

Enjoy and let me know if I’ve missed any. Also movies such as Poetic Justice and Hav Plenty didn’t resonate with me despite having cute leads. Nor those where you find yourself crying over the senseless death of the almost innocent (Jason’s lyric , Sett it off, Boyz in the hood and anything with a rapper trying to make their break.) Ghetto romance is not the way.

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Happy Valentine’s day

© Chelsea Black

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