100 years – Tracy Chapman part 3

As you will recall from He’s got a fast car and She’s got a ticket things weren’t going well for the guy who didn’t know who Tracy Chapman was. As far as I was concerned it was a non starter.

When Friends don’t have your back

It was interesting as I got endorsements for my feelings and actions from many as well as some who thought I was being too hard on the brother and that this was one of the reasons I was still single. Thanks for the support people. Apparently if you are single you are meant to accept anyone as a compromise?

And therein lies the problem. Women are the ones who are meant to make the compromise and ignore the red flag behaviours of ignorant or insecure men. Nah.

I thought about it and realised that if I didn’t want to potentially breed with a man then yes, him not being the sharpest needle on the decks might be ok. But what kind of woman would I be if I didn’t recognise that genetic choice is the only thing I can promise my future sprogs? No I just can’t do it.


Anyway after his ‘Over stush luv’ text 2 weeks ago I assumed that we were done and that we were one of those couples that never became a couple. I mean, part of me is curious to know what the sex would be like. Clearly this man doesn’t like me very much and yet, he still wants to fuck me. Sex would be angry and hard. Hmmmm. ….I digress.  So now that I’ve not been warm and cuddly I am the ultimate in prizes: The Challenge

It’s his dislike of women I struggle the most with. I couldn’t win without pretending to be totally bowled ove by his fortnightly contact and ignorant spoutings

Today I got the following text message : UR spoilt Chelsea!! Double exclamation mark?

Wow, I was being told about myself by a guy I had had one lunch with and a couple of conversations? And at first I was a little put out. Who was this guy? But then, I realised he was right. I am spoilt. And that’s not going to change. And neither is my resolve to my future children. The man doesn’t know that this is the worst move to make when we aren’t talking. Why is he dragging this out with his occasional contacts. Tagging of the worst order.

Lesson Learned

The moral of this 3 part tale is that you need to trust your own instincts. Always. Even if you’re accused of being too fussy. A man who treats you like shit early on and dismisses your silence as stooshness is too insecure to be a stable date.

So he and his no Tracy Chapman knowing, gold tooth having, telling me about myself arse can go fuck himself. Cos he’s never going to hit this. Not in a 100 years. Take it away Tracy! Literally. Take him away.

Song – 100 years

© Chelsea Black

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