Would YOU Date someone who voted for Trump

Would YOU Date someone who voted for Trump

As the rest of us watch the fuckeries that is the US elections go on for days we have been forced to ask ourselves the question: Would you date some who voted for Trump?

As Brits we had the same question around the Brexit. I met loads of guys who happily told me that they voted Leave citing Immigration, NHS cash and er, it’s better for the economy as their reasons. Huh? So what are the reasons some have for voting for Trump? Simple: Selfish ones.

These are people who aren’t even thinking about society and only thinking about what is paining them at that moment. The Trump one however makes no sense when clearly he doesn’t care for anyone. Like literally, nobody and yet people are arguing that he’s a better choice? How can this be?

Looking Back

Back in the day voting meant something. It was about the issues and what mattered to the majority. The building blocks of democracy. But, it’s not about the issues anymore. It’s about your issues. Had a shitty health year and think the NHS could do better? Lost your job and didn’t have to go through the hell that is applying for universal credit. Low key read the ‘right wing’ papers and think that our resources are being taken by people who don’t ‘deserve’ to be here and have too many children? Yeah you’ve been Daily Failed and become a selfish voter.

Similarly in the US. Police brutality, increase poverty, the worsening war on Drugs and a military that spends its time killing people overseas in the name of oil isn’t ideal. So why would you vote for 4 more years of that. Barack’s administration was flawed on their foreign policy (Drones anyone?) but provided Obamacare. It didn’t do anything for police killings of Black people but it position itself as a benevolent government working towards reducing incarceration rates.

Selfish Voters

And that’s what it boils down to. Selfish voting. Like most Tory voters it’s about taxes and their own agenda and not that of the community they live in. Because they can afford to live in society no matter the government. And that’s a problem.

The increase in votes from minorities especially Black women suggests that the selfish voters are out in full effect. They’re angry that COVID-19 made them stay at home and they can’t live their best life. Nobody they know have had it or died from it right? And despite his debts he’s a better bet for the economy apparently. Is he though?

Sharing a bed

My view is a simple one. I can’t share a bed with a selfish person. From someone who steals the bed sheets and eats my snacks to someone who can’t see that Trump and the Tories haven’t benefited society. These are the same people who don’t ‘get what all the fuss is about when women are rioting and protesting over their bodies. Shout out to women in Poland and their rioting over the anti abortion legislation.

I can’t share a bed with you. You don’t care about women or children or those that aren’t at your socio-economic level. I’m dry at the thought of you. I don’t want your dick anywhere near me. Sounds harsh to some but politics matter and tell me that if ever my circumstances were to worsen you wouldn’t be the one I could rely on. So yes, I will be asking you the question on who you voted for and if you voted for your own dick and not for society then this young lass is out. Go wet your whistle elsewhere.

What would you do?

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