Why aren’t men talking about Love Island?

Love Island is back

Last week was a hectic one online. As I lamented the assassination of an ex Japanese President and caught the odd BoJo must go post, the majority of my timeline was still consumed by a dude called Andrew on Love Island who was proving to be problematic. As I scrolled timelines  furiously I realised that there were very few if any posts about Love island from men. Surely they watch it too as they make up 50% of the cast? So, why aren’t men talking about Love Island?

Wait, Love Island is still going?

I’ve written about love Island before. Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of the show, the format, the casting etc so this is written from a strictly sociological, social media lens. I don’t agree with abusive reality TV shows like Big Brother and Love Island which will allow any type of bullying and humiliation for ratings. The more outrageous the better. So it begs the question as to why is it still going when so many people have been negatively affected by it?

Simply put Love Island is a feeder show for all other British celebrity, reality TV shows. It’s basically a massive casting call for wannabe D listers. I have no view on those who watch it as it’s easy viewing I guess but, I harshly judge those who make it. You could do better and still get ratings. They’ve gone for the lowest hanging gonads and nobody needs that.

So back to (straight) men

This got me thinking as to why men don’t talk about Love Island. Clearly they are watching it whether alone or with their families or partners. It can’t just be a female only show? Then again most of the posts I see are women complaining about the show, the cast, and the treatment of women. A show which encourages cheating under the guise of looking for love is bound to favour men. And it kinda makes sense that they don’t talk about it in public as;

  1. It’s embarrassing to admit you watch something trashy when you are steeped in toxic masculinity
  2. Love Island perpetuates and celebrates misogyny and patriarchy so they’re hardly losing and have nowt to complain about
  3. Many may use it as a wank bank and not much more

Why men should talk about Love Island

So sure, I shouldn’t really be expecting men to talk about Love Island but I would like to hear their thoughts on it.  Silence is more worrying that anger, laughter. I don’t see it as apathy, it’s acceptance.

The difficulty with most relationships is communication. We don’t know how the other half think. So for those men who are watching Love Island they are learning about the machinations of a certain type of woman I guess. But it’s a start? Women however never know if men think the behaviours of the lotharios on there are standard, acceptable or goals for the average Ade. We have no clue oh!

I love to read posts about men’s indignation over BoJo’s antics and you walk away feeling that you are socio-politically aligned. However if I don’t know what he’s thinking about ‘reality’ shows then I’m going to default into thinking he endorses the behaviour of the cast.

So let’s share thoughts please, even if it’s an ‘I don’t watch that crap’ it’s a start. Happy viewing!

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