What is nigistence

A lot of you ask me what is Nigistence and so I’ve taken the time to explain. The art of persistence in the art of constant rejection. These men have turned Hollywood fervour into an art from all of their own. For me the practise seems most common in those from West Africa hence me calling it nigistence.nigistence

Let’s look at an example. This is a conversation I had on facebook today. I would screen grab it but then I’d have to ask him permission to show it and I’m not the one for giving him anymore conversation than is necessary. This is someone who has never met me but has decided that facebook and a few mutual friends is enough of a link to consider us a match. We’re not. So after 3 months of nothing I get this:

Nigistence 40: Hello Crush of life

Me: Hello bane of my existence

Nigistence 40: That’s a mean thing to say

Me: You know I’m not serious. I hardly know you. Now, what do you want

Nigistence 40: Same thing as always. U

Me: Sorry I’m not available

N40: I know. That’s the reason I want u

Me: That’s just stupid then

N40: Well I want it and want u bad

Me: Dude, you don’t know me,. You don’t even know what I look like. Your nigistence is bordering on the ridiculous.

N40: LOL but I like the person behind the looks

Me: Rolling my eyes

N40: Yeah. That person who writes like you and acts like u intrigues me

Me: I’m not a mystery. Best you leave me alone. I’m not for you

N40: But you will be one day

Me: I’m not the one. Move on I beg

N40: The nastier u are the more I get turned on

Me: Wow. So I’ll just ignore you then

N40: Well. That turns me on some more

Me: You’re not right.

N40: Some thingnigistence 2s are meant to be

So this is my problem. I’ve been clear that I don’t want him but apparently he knows me better than I know myself. This is why nigistence is so annoying because, no matter what you say, they don’t care. Their goal is to keep going until you give in and give up the cookie. I bet he’s married with kids.

I’m tired. I need a normal conversation with a person who recognises that I have thoughts and needs and can respond accordingly not a buffoon who thinks he’s cute. If you ever come across a nigistent man you need to grab your purse and runigistence 3n because a man that can’t ever listen to you and respond to you is just a bully. It may seem like he really knows what he wants but this same creature also plays the statistics game so is like this with EVERYBODY. You are just a number. Don’t fall for the trap. I know that in the 3 months since I last heard from Nigistence 40 he hasn’t been lying in a foetal position thinking of ways to piss me off.

Here’s to a nigistent free week for you all

© Chelsea Black 2015


  1. Aww. bless him! He thinks you’re playing hard to get and that, eventually, you will fall for his irresistible logic and charm?

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