Voting and Dating Single 

Today is not only American ‘Independence’ day but also the UK Elections. It’s also a good time to work out how best to vote and what other people’s votes may say about them. Voting and Dating Single takes some thinking. 

The Western way is to vote individually and has led to some upsets across the years most noticeably Brexit. It’s not about voting for what best suits you as an individual but what best meets the needs of the current and future community. Radical maybe but voting shouldn’t be individualistic. However here is what voting may say about any potential dates you go on. Please add this to your first date questions. 

Most of them have said that there will be tax saving and that they will increase the number of doctors, dentists, nurses and reducing waiting times and dentist deserts. So let’s look at how they differ as their pandering is just normal election rhetoric. 


Will reduce the rate of national insurance and also reduce welfare. They’ll build new homes but not protect these for lower income individuals. So basically the NHS, middle income and those on benefits will suffer. Also they’re still banging on about sending half the dating pool to Rwanda as they half immigration levels. Quite honestly the fact that Rwanda is still on the table says that the Conservatives have lost the plot and will only look after themselves and their wealthy friends. Also we will be heavily policed so it’s going to go from being a Nanny state to a Big Brother state. 

Anyone voting for them is typically individualistic, has some money or assets and worried about their own situation instead of that of the country at large. They definitely don’t care about immigrants and ensuring everyone has the same access to resources. But, date them at your own risk and if you deem security (capitalism) to be your primary driver.  


They’ll tax non-doms, oil and gas, those that send their kids to private school and create more money for nurses, teachers and the environment. Yes they want more teacher recruitment (I swear Labour should just become a recruitment agency because all they seem to want to do is recruit teachers, health workers etc) and they want more housing and dentists and …

If they vote Labour then your date is likely to have community and socialist leanings but there is a whiff of them being a dreamer and a person of the people but you will be the one to implement everything in your relationship. Like seriously Labour, how will this all be delivered? It’s not enough to just punish the ‘rich’ as this is literally deemed to be anyone that earns over £70K now. 

It’s worth delving what kind of Labour they imagine. Are they more Kier and Tony B-liar or are they more Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock and Jeremy Corbyn. I know which one I’d choose. 

Liberal Democrats 

They will increase capital gains tax and fossil fuel tax to spend on the public sector and health care. Also that it will build new homes. I do like that their Education policy will include Adult learners so it shows thinking outside of the box. They also promise safer travel for immigrants especially those crossing the Channel and free personal care for the elderly . 

Honestly though, since the betrayal by Nick Clegg I don’t know if one can really trust a Lib Dem voter. Like one day they’ll turn on you and vote Reform or some shit. There just doesn’t seem to be the courage of conviction with this party and thus, their voters. Process with caution and let them show you their sincerity through actions not just words. 

Green Party 

Typical the wealthy will be more heavily taxed and more money spent on the public sector (£8bn for NHS) and the environment . The Green Party manifesto is so idealistic that it feels like a fairytale. They’ll build new homes that are carbon friendly and rent controlled. I love the Green Party but I don’t know that they care for much beyond what interests them. They believe in criminal rehabilitation and softer drug laws however which aren’t bad. 

Anyone that votes Green however is a passionate person committed to changing the world. Removing Ofsted and standard testing is great as it gives children space to grow but then who will hold schools accountable? You gotta love a Green voter but know chances are you are going to have to pay for the extras in your relationship. And forget about long haul Carbon footprint heavy flying anywhere! 😛 


If you meet someone and they tell you that they voted for a party led by Nigel Farage then it’s best you pick up your belongings and go home. Don’t even ask them why, I beg. Right wing British parties such as Reform is giving racist 70s and 80s Britain where we saw the attacks on Black and Brown people across the country. They call it anti immigration now by the way and say they’re protecting YOUR jobs from the evils of economic immigrants. 

However your potential partner MAY be swayed by their economic ‘promises’, none of which are realistic. How will public sector be funded if all of these tax thresholds are raised or abolished? 

E.g abolishing inheritance tax for under £2m, abolish IR35 rules, scrap student loan interest rates, raise 40% higher tax rate to £70K . It’s saying I’ll tell you what you want to hear but I’m going to do whatever to real you in. This is the vote of the narcissist. Avoid at all costs! 


There are a number of Independent Candidates, many of which are minorities. Unfortunately without a party it’s hard to see how they will be able to influence national politics effectively but, give independents a chance if you agree with their proposed policies. You never know how they will do. Independents are basically the definition of date outside your norm. If he’s a little younger or she’s a little louder than you normally go for, don’t dismiss them until you’ve heard them out. 

Non voters 

I just can’t deal with the cynicism of non voters. Yes the country is in a pickle and there are struggles but not to exercise your right to vote is someone who has given up and you don’t want to date that kind of person. Get yourself someone who gets involved and cares even if it’s useless. Yes it’s like getting yourself someone who supports a football team that has never won anything (you know who you are) but, there is something to be said for people who still believe and want to see change for themselves and future generation. 

That’s it for me, I’m off to the Polling Station (well this is inaccurate as I’m a postal voter but I couldn’t think of a better way to sign off) 

Happy Voting and Dating! 

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