What Hey Stranger means

Full moon and most recently I’ve been hearing from a lot of my ex somethings. Not willingly mind. I mention this on social media and other women are going through the same thing. Part of this is that it’s cuffing season so it’s not a surprise that these goats are popping up everywhere. But they never pop up with pure intentions. They just pop up and bestow their burdens on me. Another popped up this week and it finally hit me what “Hello Stranger” really means. This is my attempt to translate what ‘hey stranger’ means.

The exclamation clue

When you get that call, text, DM or a random chat on some social media you forgot you had it goes something like this

Hey Stranger! Long time !

Translation – the number of exclamation marks in the first line indicates the level of fear they have that you won’t respond. More than one and he knows that the chances are you aren’t his biggest fan. If he throws in a laughing or cute emoji then it’s time to get out of there

The pretending to care

It’s normally followed by a, “So what have you been up to?”

This is a feigned attempt of showing interest in you but actually he wants to know who you have been up to. Girl, lie. Tell that mofo you’re married if you have to but never ever say nothing or same old same ole. They see this as an opening to converse even more.

We should meet up!

Note the exclamation mark creeping back in there. By this time he’s shocked that you have responded at all to his missive and wants to indicate his need to vaguely meet up in the next 2 decades or so.

When are you free?

Sometimes he’s horny so will, contrary to the previous statement, try to pin you down for a meet and greet whilst you’re seemingly in a good mood. Never commit to any date , time or place without checking in with your dating panel. This isn’t the time to salve your boredom with curiosity about the ex

What’s missing

What is missing from this is any apology (obviously he was in the wrong for letting you go), acknowledgement that you are not interested in his dick anymore or that you just don’t have the time for wasteman ways.

So what does Hey Stranger really mean? It means, that he truly believed that he could do better than you. He still does but alas, the years have not been kind and fewer women are putting up with his BS. So he nostalgically is trying to get with the last 1 or 10 women who were stupid enough to love him in the hopes that they are now so desperate that they will take him back. It means that he hasn’t evolved into a different being as there is no apology.

Or alternatively he wants sex and you live close enough for him. He doesn’t even have to lay on any transactional food or drink. He knows your snack cupboard is always bountiful.

Or he’s just a dick, bored, scrolling through his phone and your number is still in there.

Or he’s been tagging you and just wants to see if he’s still got it. He’ll soon ghost you again. Most do.

Any of these options tell you that these ones are not for your pleasure or entertainment. You deserve better than someone who doesn’t truly think that much of you. It’s easy to be drawn into old energy but remember that he’s an ex something for a reason and h

In other news, full moons don’t last forever and you can always block people on your phone? Stay woke my precious. Stay Woke!

Happy Full Moon!

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