The solo Christmas dinner

Lockdown, covid or just not able to travel can be tough on us singirls. Normally I’d be at Mama Black’s being spoiled but alas, I suspect the Rona has caught up with me. In other news though, I’ve cracked it! Second year of solo Christmas dinnering and I’ve figured out how to do it without over consuming

Baking safe

I’ve been baking with a mask on and, it’s interesting. No bowl or finger licking chocolate for me. Yes, baking in these times takes on a whole different meaning. I think I’ll maintain this level of baking safe after the pandemic as it just makes sense. Kinda like how we won’t be blowing on birthday cake ever again, right?

Bake for others

There is something cathartic about cooking at Xmas. For me it’s baking and luckily I have a mother who knows what she wants and put her Christmas order in early. So Christmas Eve and Christmas morning saw me baking up a storm and trying to wrap it up nicely. This just means everything is in tin foil. I’m not going to lie, it’s been so long since I baked that half the equipment wasn’t working and my poor oven was suffering from oven fatigue but we got there!

I thought about baking for the neighbours before realising that the noisy one upstairs had been unusually quiet so I didn’t need to bother with him and the ones next door would want to have a 3 minute conversation. I don’t have time for all that!

So yes I baked and my brother came to collect it so that I can be ‘with’ the family in bakes if not in body.

Eat what the fuck you want to it

I’m going for the standard roast today with new potatoes as I can’t be bothered with the time needed for roasties but, for dinner I’m having a pizza. And chips. Yes, potatoes feature heavily in the ‘what the fuck I want’ category of Christmas I’ll forego the cauliflower cheese though. That’s the only thing I’ll miss today.

Buy like it’s one meal

Christmas and the over consumption can be avoided. Yes I spent way more than I needed to at the supermarket which is literally only closed for one day. This is not a drill for Armageddon.  

So last year I think I bought half a leg of lamb or some shit and it was only me. A week later I was still gnawing through it! So this year I bought 2 chicken breasts, some gluten free gravy and those 3 for £2.50 veggies from Waitrose. I’m not getting caught out like that again!

Treat Yo Self

For those of you who are enjoying a solo Christmas then this is the perfect opportunity to really spoil you in the same way you do others.

I made some lemon brownies. They’re all mine. They’re not even Christmassy. I will not be sharing. I also may have saved myself a few chocolate brownies to taste test. Hey, chef’s privilege!

Oh and getting drunk without having to drive anywhere! You have all the luck. Pop open that one bottle you’ve been saving. Make sure not to tipsy text the ex because it’s never worth it, trust.

Merry Christmas one and all. Except my ex. I still don’t wish you a merry anything, you hear?

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