A singirl perfect Christmas

Many of us are singirl again this Christmas and I for one am celebrating. The need to take stock of not one but 2 bad years in the dating world is much welcomed. Let’s look at why a singirl Christmas isn’t such a bad thing!

You can wear what you want

It was a tough choice between the grey hoodie the purple hoodie and the beige hoodie. Eventually I went with the snoodie hoodie gown thing with the fleece interior and my black leggings. Clothes you can pig out in. Jeez I continue with living in the snoodie hoodie gown that is begging for annual leave. I need to stop torturing this poor snoodie hoodie.

It saves you money!

The other day I posted a meme about not having to buy a gift for someone’s raggedy arse son and, I meant it. These last few Christmases have been economically the best for singirls as we don’t have to bother with the gifts that are unwarranted and overly generous. And then some of these wastement expect you to buy for their family too. Nah. I don’t have the energy to buy for people who aren’t related to me anymore. Even the godchildren are getting money and done. None of this having to wrap and drop things over either. Totally winning

You have complete control of the remote control

For those of you who struggle to watch what you want at Christmas then today is for you. You can completely binge watch your favourite shows or movies. I’m off to watch some of my favourite Thai and Taiwanese BLs but I know some of you will be on Amazon Prime watching those dodgy Hallmark movies. Or Netflix. We’re all different but, this is why I can’t be doing Christmas with y’all.  

You can eat what you like and not share

Tired of explaining what vegan  / gluten free /fussy means? Yeah then this is perfect for you.

I’ve done a whole solo Christmas post for me, based on mistakes made last year. I’ve even baked a whole tray of lemon brownies that I deemed ‘too fragile to transport’ so will stay in my fridge and / or stomach

You can read or listen to what you want

Reading a whole book is frowned upon on Christmas day when other people are there. I’ve tried it. But now I don’t have to ask for permission. I can also blast Whitney Houston at full volume and lip warble along without judgement.

Merry Christmas to all of you and may 2022 bring us all the blessings we seek.

© Chelsea Black ® 2021

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