The Psychic breakup

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The psychic breakup

So the other day I had a fight with my psychic. Or should I say ex psychic. Yes I know she is the psychic and I’m meant to believe in her ability to see the future but, she accused me of bullying her and I accused her of being a liar. In a mini diva (it was hot and there were a lot of breakables in that tiny shop) I stormed out and sought solace in chocolate and my friends. Strangely when I relayed the story back nobody seemed to find the bullying claims hard to believe. So much for your friends having your back!

A lot of what she said to me that day made perfect sense and I was agreeing and making mental shifts and notes as we talked. She told me that I would start seeing more clearly and that some friends would try to hold me back but that for me to achieve true happiness I would need to liberate myself from a constrained view of my life and start a new journey. Always with the journeys these people. She told me about my secret crush but annoyingly didn’t see this going anywhere at all. She then told me I would meet my partner in October 2012 and that he would have grey hair. Just how old was this man going to be? I tried to negotiate a younger model but inside I started to get quite disheartened. I couldn’t wait over a year to meet some old man. Anna Nicole Smith I am not. Then I asked her about the babies. She looked at my hand and said “Yes, one baby!”

This couldn’t be right. 8 months ago she was clear that I would have 2 +kids but now it was down to one? How could my future have changed?

This news put me into a spin of panic I won’t lie. We fought, I stormed out vowing never to return and bought a cupcake from the shop nearby. Hmmmmm, I wonder how much business the cupcake shop gets from distraught customers who have just had a reading?

Then I remembered that yet another birthday had occurred in those 8 months without me doing anything proactive and with that, my fertility had clearly reduced. Well I’m nothing if not determined my precious. I got onto the sperm donor search with a drive and purpose that I had never possessed before.

48 hours later and I had one sperm donor potential through my favourite clinic, 2 live donors, one overseas and another that was donor curious. I was on fire! I bought some fertility aiding crystals, spoke to my parents to ensure that they were on board and mentally prepared my friends for my shift in lifestyle. No longer would I be the last one out of the club or the one with the £200 booze bill.

And then it hit me that this law of attraction stuff really works. But if I could achieve so much in 3 days of focussing on the baby who knows what I could do if I were to focus with purpose on finding the partner to face the daily nappy mountain with me?

So I rushed out and I bought a whole new set of crystals. Oh the fertility ones are still basking in the moonlight but now they sit next to my attracting love crystals

Honestly I do feel happier. I have taken control of my life and realised that that living without purpose can sometimes mean you’re not living and life is passing you by. I have come to forgive the psychic although I don’t think I will be going back there. She could only tell me about the trajectory I was on right now but that was my fate not my destiny. Only I could determine my destiny. Or is it the other way around?


© Chelsea Black


  1. Only you could into a ruck with your psychic! If you trust her psychic powers, then leave it at that. Some stuff she says you will like, some you won’t. If you don’t trust her psychic powers, then don’t go back!

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