The spa experience

Generally January is a crappy social month. Everyone is broke, cold and miserable. We are all feeling a little sorry for ourselves. I just looked at my bank statements. Make that VERY sorry for ourselves.

So imagine my joy when I heard about a new type of spa experience which would allow me to socialise and relax at the same time. No, get your mind out of the gutter sweetie, I meant REDD ROOMS. It’s a new look SPA THERAPY with ENTERTAINMENT night out. I swear I’ll do anything to socialise without moving but to do that AND to get pampered too? It’s a win win

So picture it: 6 beauty therapists offering thai massage (do I feel a twinge?) heated hand and foot massage (I’m booking a pedicure for Wednesday morning as we speak) and goodie bags. There are live performances for those who just want to feel the vibe I’m not one to offer much in the way of gifts or suggestions my darlings but she’s my beauty therapist so I know how good those hands are. Join and experience REDD ROOMS 7.30 on Wednesday 11th January 2012 at Arch angel on high street Kensington. W8 5NP. **Exclusive promo code. use this code online to get 10 % off your ticket price ‘CHELSEABLACK’. Expires 10.01.12**’ Buy Tickets at

I remember the last massage I had. It was one of those ones dates when you had to get clean after getting very very dirty. So in he popped into the shower and then so did I and his hands travelled down my back and ….yes I definitely need to get out more! See you Wednesday my lovelies © Chelsea Black


    • No it’s a monthly event – contact @Reddrooms or @Rhodaabbey on Twitter for more details. I think the next one is next Sunday ….day after my purple party. I’ll need the massage by then! You coming?

      Oh and have fun tonight at the Hackney Empire event. 🙂

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