The Jill Scott moment

As so many of you are at Jill Scott tonight (12/07/23) I thought I’d post an early #TBT from 2011

Let me start from the beginning. I met him on Facebook. The problem with this method of dating is that people read what you write and see the photos of vibrators that you post and they think they have you all figured out. I’m more than a photo of a pink rabbit my precious.  I read his and he was a gym loving African guy who liked taking pictures with his top off. PERFECT!!!

But this guy seemed genuine. He was a promoter…..ok so not that genuine but it was a slow week.  We started to speak and it turns out that we had lots in common professionally and socially. He liked organising events in bars and I liked drinking.  We were both going to the Jill Scott concert the following week and assuming we had similar music tastes we arranged to meet there. We figured between the opening act and the main meal. I pictured myself as the perfect palette cleanser and decided that mint green was the way to go. To the shops I went and bought a mint green polka dot dress! This was my African prince. I could feel it!

Now, confession time. I’m not a Jill Scott fan. I missed that whole Neo Soul era and went straight into British rock pop instead. Sorry my precious, I know it’s hard for you to hear. But sometimes I just buy tickets because I figure it’s a good night out. I realised that he was expecting a fan so I rushed out and bought all the albums and crammed them into 2 days. As I looked longingly at my Skunk Anansie collection I told myself it would be worth it for the icebreaker alone.

My friends and I arrived at the concert and I realised that drinking is the only way to get through a whole night of Neo Soul. By the time I went to meet my promoter guy  I was slightly squiffy but even I was surprised to discover that ….he was Asian? Turns out that the photos on his profile picture were taken on a holiday where he had gotten a really good tanning and he was born in Africa.  That was a while ago. He was equally  surprised to discover that I wasn’t a Jill Scott fan. The alcohol had made me loose lipped. We mumbled our way through a few minutes of conversation before I suddenly remembered that I had to get in the next round.

Dejected we went to plan B and I met a guy who was decidedly tastier. I know, I tasted him.  So the night wasn’t a complete waste and I was glad that I got those tickets. So hence I tell you to go support Oxjam  this weekend. You never know who you are going to meet there or afterwards. Don’t forget to thank me if you find yourself a hottie.


© Chelsea Black

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