The copycat

This is a break from the norm to talk about a creature that has decided to treat my blogs as the blueprint for hers.  Remember in school how we would complain about someone copying and the teacher would say you should be flattered? Like the Prodigal Son I never understood the flattery line. Not your typical irritating male but a woman who thinks that my life is better than hers. It is I’m sure in terms of blog fodder as I carpe diem the hell out of a situation. But sweetie, wouldn’t you rather get your own life instead of trying to live mine and not doing it very well?

I hate being copied in general as it has taken me years of misadventures to gain this level of charity shop chic. But there is something creepy about those who copy you shamelessly and without apology. I don’t care about someone who copies your clothing style as at the end of the day that’s pure laziness and with much campaigning High Street retailers do everything in her size now.  But my adventures? My writing? That’s just not done! There is a reason that there is a (c) at the end of each post.

It took me a while to spot it as I was too busy chatting online and drinking champagne. I first noticed her when my friends started commenting about how funny WE both were and how our style was kind of rock chick quirky? It was? You didn’t even know who The Killers were and complained whenever I played Skunk Anansie at full volume! Then the befriending all my friends and followers was a tad annoying but I accepted it, it was easier than getting your own friends.

But stealing stories from my blogs? Whilst Black London is uber small I know you didn’t go to the same dodgy sex party chica. Because I met the other 2 black women there. And so it came to me. Even if I was a copycat I would be a better copycat than you. So I’m going to help you. Cos on some level I care and want you to find some sort of happiness. Plus, I know you will read this. STOP!

So here are my tips for being a copycat 101:

1) don’t befriend the dodgy men that I have left behind. They’ve had the original. They’re going to spot a fake. You may do certain things better than me I’m sure but no one remembers sloppy seconds.

2) Er, they are dodgy so they will come back and tell me. They will also no doubt do the same thing to you as they did to me. At least learn from my errors.

2) Similar blogs should not be posted within the same 6 week period. They are still fresh in the minds of everyone who is mutual to us. If you didn’t follow all of my friends this wouldn’t be so much of an issue?

3) Stop following those that I have conversations with. I’m normally online for up to 12 hours a day. You’re 3 hours is not going to lick this bless you

4) Don’t over use the phrases my precious, my lovely, dude or chica . It’s a dead give away.

5) Get your colours done. I’m a winter but you, you’re more an Autumn. Fuchsia isn’t the one.

6) Wait until 25 other people have RSVPed to an event I’m going to before you do.

7) I have a butt you have big boobs. There is a reason I don’t wear skinny jeans. Stop with the halternecks. It just looks sloppy.

8) Don’t like or LOL too often on your preys page. Especially if it’s a quiet day

That’s it. I’m off to enjoy the day. I know you are never far away from me but be a precious and use some subtlety? Get your own sexy

(c) Chelsea Black


  1. Looool I think I know who you are talking about as I read a lot of blogs and I mean A LOT!
    I agree though the copycat thing is a bit weird and kinda creepy. Essentially what that person is saying is that I’m not that great so I have to try and be like someone who I think is great.
    Often the people we admire have their own demons and are probably just good at hiding them.

    But to plagiarise someones work is taking a bit too far, I thought writers had an unspoken code about this kind of thing, seems not!

    • Nope no demons here my lovely. You know I just blog them out and keep stepping. But yes we have to make the CCs feel better about their lives I guess. We are all damaged goods. Better

      I think it’s cute that you know who one is as that makes it seem less like it’s all in my head. Maybe that’s the demons talking

      Anyway we keep it moving. Writers have a code yes but bloggers less so.

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