The black body beautiful

I’ve signed up to do a nude photoshoot.

I know I know my precious I shouldn’t make bets or say yes to anything when under the influence of alcohol, sugar or romantic comedies. But it sounded like a great idea at the time! So I meet a guy on twitter through another guy I barely know who tells me he is a photographer and asked if I would consider posing naked for a project. Now as you all know I’m no wallflower but naked? With the tell-tale signs of a life of cocktails, chocolate and my intolerance to the gym?  I really wasn’t keen.  But then I thought, hold on isn’t this the motivation I need to rein myself in over the Christmas period?  That mid Nov to mid Jan indulgence fest that we all promise will end?  So in a moment of insanity I hastily said yes. But bless, it didn’t stop me from eating my way through half a small turkey (plus stuffing) or buying more Easter eggs than I have god children. I bought 4 eggs. I have one godchild and she is overseas, chocolate doesn’t travel well so…..well you can see where this is going.

Anyway the day of Jason’s aptly named Noire exhibition opening came along and I finally put the chocolate down long enough to RSVP and go along. I even travelled south of the river to the Camera Club in Kennington. A rare occurrence indeed. What greeted me were 22 of the most striking images of black women in one room. Striking poses (yoga rocks), colour contrast ( I really must book a sun kissed holiday) and  perfectly toned bodies (it made me wish he hadn’t provided such tasty chicken nibbles for the opening). In light of recent ‘academic’ claims about black women being less attractive this exhibition dispels that myth.

Jason wants his next exhibition to be real, mature women. It turns out mature now means over 30. But then I realised that whilst the current exhibition has 20something models my 30something African curves are going to take some major industrial strength prep. So I have gathered together a formidable team. I have a motivational friend in Linda, a weight loss partner in Donna, a terrier of a personal trainer in pint sized Tia and a diet nazi coach in Jamel. Oh and a new gym membership. I’ve already been twice which is once more than the last time I joined a gym so I’m winning.

So that’s me off to gym classes (not Spinning, I think that should be outlawed), drinking Noni or Aloe Vera juice and finally not eating carbs after 8pm because like your wedding day(s), these beautiful photos are going to be for life! I may even pop along to the exhibition a few more times to keep the focus. As you know my precious the pull of the dessert tray can easily distract me.

NOIRE  by Jason Grant

@ The Camera Club, Bowden Street, Kennington runs until  24th June


  1. @ Phallatio as we get older we learn to hide the bulges better. I miss my 24 year old body but, I’ve mourned and need to get a great 30something one to miss in 10 years time 😉
    @ Comfort, invite? Purlease! I just heard through the twittervine and took myself down there. Someone needs some ONiT! PR pretty sharpish methinks 😉

  2. Great read, made me chuckle out loud a few times! I hadn’t realised Jason exhibition had launched! Where was my invite I wonder… hmmmm… anyhoo, thanks for posting, I’ll def get down before it ends.

  3. My God! Where are these imperfections and unsightly bulges? How can you look so good and still be fretting about your body? The photos will look amazing! I know they will. x

  4. I’m gonna get down to Jason’s expo, and will definitely pay to see the mature ladies installation. Especially if you’re putting in all that work… well done!

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