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Sex Etiquette ABC

Hello my Precious,

We have reached the end of the 30 day challenge and I’m going to miss blogging about random things from proposing (not looking good for my 29th February proposal. He appears to be on the run) to stupid questions men and women ask. Oh and a popular choice If I were a boy. I’m not bitter by the male backlash darlings I just know better now. I even managed to convince someone to join me on the challenge for the last 8 days.

Thank you so much for all the feedback, comments and words of encouragement when I was ready to throw in the towel and reach for some chocolate and champagne instead. I did live on Haribos though (I wonder if they would sponsor me in Haribos?)

But now I have to keep myself busy and out of trouble for another wee while. So  whilst I work on the radio show (Come listen to In Bed With Chelsea on every Wednesdays 10pm – Midnight) I’m starting the next challenge which is Sex Etiquette A-Z. This is not to be confused with ABC sex which is sex only on Anniversaries, Birthdays and Christmas. What madness!  What if all of those fall in December? Withholding sex drives me crazy (Oooh adds another to W). Anyway I digress.

So why etiquette?

As you know I have been experiencing somewhat of a #datingrecession and according to a lot of you I’m not alone. I realised that some of this was just because some people didn’t have the same rule book on what’s appropriate behaviour and what’s not. Talking about wanting to rape me on date one, not appropriate. Telling me I want to rip your clothes off on date 5 appropriate.  In fact no. Why weren’t you telling me that on date 3? You’re late! You would think it was simple but apparently not.

Dating is all about the nuances and words used. It’s the fun sell and marketing towards sex and relationships.  Sex then should be much more simple right? Navigating the world of sex it seems is fraught with issues at the best of times but it upsets me when people don’t even have the basic etiquette down pat. We are all grown folks people. Then again as I’ve given up sex for Lent this may just be a way for me to legitimately explore Porn sites and Google words like Quim. You never know where this will end up. So are you with me? Let’s go!

And thanks again for all the support. Snogs and butt grabs all round.

Starting this week everywhere at a device near you with the letter A. Where else?

Happy sexing!

© Chelsea Black



  1. Thanks Michaela. I’m starting a new one later this week so not long to go and it WILL be daily as I love the challenge of writing every day.

    And you’ve been a long term support to even bigger snogs and Haribos supermix for you!

  2. I have so loved reading these Chelsea, they have made me laugh out loud every day. Will really miss not being able to log on for my daily fix. Make sure you tag me for any future blog challenges you do,. Am really looking forward to your book, big hugs and lots of haribo’s 🙂
    Michaela xxxxx

  3. Well well well what can I say! Its been great reading your blog for the last few weeks and I can relate to so much of it Its almost like u r describing my life! LOL (wait are u stalking me???) Anyway I look forward to reading more and whilst I failed in my own 10 day challenge I have been inspired to blog more so thank you!!!

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