Ten Twists in Dating Courtesy of Corona Part 2

6.    Less street harassment

So I’ve started running again and there are fewer guys out there harassing.  Yes there are still those who hoot as you waddle on by, struggling for breath but, scrubs gonna scrub?

This appeared to be odd until I realised something: Wastemen are on double lockdown. First of all, their walks and trips to the shops are doing in tandem with their partners. Then there’s social distancing. Yeah you can holler from behind your scarf on your scooter but, I can’t hear you from 6 feet away!

I know some women don’t mind meeting men on the street. I’m not one of them. It’s creepy. Why are you only going after women for their looks. Why are you so brazen as to assume that you are everything I didn’t realise I want as we travel in different directions on the street? It’s arrogant and I always assume that you have a partner and you ‘re just bored out here in these streets. I’m correct, right?

I don’t think Social Distancing is going to go away for a while. People are still going to be tentative around new people and any unnecessary touching will be frowned upon. I feel like those of us who are curvy will be able to shout at grazers in the street because, I don’t know what you’ve got!

So yes, a decrease in street harassment is likely and I for one welcome this change in dating!

I’ll be back over the weekend with part 3.  

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