Ten Twists in Dating Courtesy of Corona Part 2

You will have read Part 1 of Ten Dating Twists Post Corona by now so let’s crack on shall we?  

4.    Anxieties and Issues

This has really highlighted how some people haven’t fully cultivated some of the more basic adulting skills like cooking meals from scratch, cleaning themselves or their spaces, self-entertaining / amusing. It’s also increased evidence of how much dating relies on alcohol to cover up real emotions and anxieties.

Post Covid will be about assessing how someone handles stress and you may be able to quickly identify those that haven’t developed strong coping mechanisms or adulting skills. I guess you have to make a decision on how much of someone else’s stress you can manage? In my world, not that much. I’m a worrier alone. I spent 5 minutes earlier re-stacking the snack cupboard because I suddenly had a vision of myself being attacked by an Easter Egg. (Yes I already have some. I like to get in there early!)

We hear jokes about the divorce rate going up but the reality is that relationships will implode over this period whether that be in violence or just acknowledging that there is something fundamentally broken. This may lead to a lot of people who aren’t ready to date being out there but they’re not capable of coping alone. Their survival instincts are strong. So beware the love bombers during the early post corona days

The downside is that Mental Health issues will be exposed. Some people may take years to get over the anxiety, panic, depression that change and isolation have caused them. Dating before Covid already highlighted  those who weren’t ok. From those traumatised or angry at life to those who were angry at the opposite sex there was a lot of emotions that weren’t about you in the mix. And now there may be self esteem issues on top? It’s all a lot. Breathe!

5.    More activities, less food and drink

I say it’s not about the emotion or exhibiting mental health issue but about how they’re handling. We aren’t here to fix new people. Give them space to sort themselves out. Save the saviour complex for yourself. You’re going to need it after kissing frogs. Look for alternative ways of testing people’s ability to do something different.

Like, change your typical date.  Some of this will be about economy and budget but I foresee more museum and walk / exercise dates as opposed to meals and bars. We will have become more aware of our sedentary lives. A friend was invited to go for lunch and it turned out he had arranged for them to go roller blading. She couldn’t roller blade and she hadn’t eaten so it didn’t end well. But it was a different kind of date and people are learning to do more than eat and drink. Well, for some.

But maybe that meeting in a bar for a drink will shift and you’ll be doing Covid like activities like inviting them over to show off that one 3 course meal you have now mastered? A whole 3 courses or just a broth you learned to make out of necessity. It doesn’t matter. You’re learning how to take care of you and others..

The only downside to this is the lack of safety so think about this one before committing to going to a stranger’s house no matter how amazing his photos are on tinder. The way I’ve been catfished so many times only to find out his photos are a pre covid binge eat and he’s a post reality shock.

Be safe!

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