Summer of Nigistence

Summer of Nigistence

Now I complain about Nigistence a lot. I know but there is a reason my precious.  West African men are already persistence enough but they also tend towards an unusual bum fetish which renders us big butt women a risk of Nigistence at every turn .

Take today.

I was walking home from Green Park contemplating some of the conversation held. It was a day in the park with friends to celebrate summer. A perfect lazy day. As I near my house I notice a car pulling into a paved area for pedestrians. This is highly irregular and I stop to wait for him to turn and get onto the pavement.

He stops the car as I approach and winds down the window. I see….

I ask him if he’s lost and he says that he’s not lost but that he wants to talk to me. I’m carrying shopping. He asks me if I live around here. I give a vague wave to the area. He then says those 7 unlucky words that women loathe:

Nigistence: I want to get to know you

Me: OK but I’m too busy and I don’t want to get to know you.

Nigistence: We can make time. We can always make time

Me: But I don’t want to make time.

Nigistence: What’s your name?

Me: [pause] Charlotte?

Nigistence: MY name is Joe. Let’s get to know each other

Me: Thanks but I don’t want to get to know you…I have a man [silently prays that this isn’t the jinx]

Nigistence: I don’t want to be your boyfriend. I want to be your friend

Me: No. I have enough friends. You do know that this isn’t a road?

Nigistence: I know. I like the way you look. Let’s get to know each other

Me: So why are you driving on the pavement?

Nigistence: I saw you earlier. I like the way you look. I am doing a U turn. Where are you from, Somalia?

Me: erm, yeah?

Nigistence: [gleefully] I KNEW IT! You look Somalian!

Me: That’s because I am. Where are you from?

Nigistence: Originally from Nigeria.

Me:  OK I have to go.

Nigistence: Wait, can we get to know each other?

Me: No

Nigistence: Ok and he drives off.

So you see my precious I do not make up these tales for your amusement. I live them. I just have a few questions of men.

1)      Why would you stop and talk to a random woman on the street unless to fuck her and even then, why? She could be crazy.

2)      S drive by flirting / pick up a new sport I’m not aware of? This would be a guaranteed GOLD for Nigeria. No one else need enter.

3)      Would you please stop directing questions to Azania (my butt) and not think I won’t notice you aren’t looking at my face?

4)      Is is feasible to suggest that there are enough women in London that drive by flirting isn’t necessary ?

5)      Will there ever be a time when women are safe in the summer to wear what they like? I would like to clarify that despite my earlier threats I did not wear shorts.

Sadly summer is almost over in the UK. But the one thing I will not miss is the Nigistence of men.

© Chelsea Black



  1. West African men are pretty bad, but east african are just as atrocious. Ever been told you are wife material and then had him proceed to put an invisible band on your ring finger? No?

    Eritrean men at their finest lol. And don’t get me started on Kenyans.

    Is their a repellant for this type of behavior?

  2. This type of thing is harassment…women should feel free to walk down the street without being leered at, cat called or wolf whistled.

    I dont get why some men do this, like you were going to jump in his car and say “yes I would like to get to know you too” These same men would then complain that you arent “wifey ,
    material” because you jumped in his car or took his number. *rolls eyes*.

  3. Damm if a man wants a partner or a shag buddy he has to try any means possible provided he is polite about it. There is this old adage that says nothing ventured nothing gained. Don’t be fed up with Nigistence. At least they are trying their best.

    • I am not fed up with men trying it but it is the lack of respect in their approach, obvious sexual leaning which are boring and their inability to accept a polite no when it is given. Don’t defend men whose only aim is to shag then go back to their wives. This isn’t a noble pursuit

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