Stupid questions men ask pt 2

Stupid Questions men ask part 2

  1. Can we still be friends after sex?

I had this one the other night before we had sex. No we really can’t. If it is amazing sex one or both of us will want more of it and eventually it will get messy. IF we stay friends that’s incidental but can I plan for it? No! Also you asking has told me that it’s just sex that you want and nothing else. I can react in two ways.

1) See it as a challenge to make you see me as more girlfriend material. I never have the energy to try to convince a guy I’m more gf material than he thinks.  Clearly we are not a match.

2) Be insulted that all you really want is sex with no responsibility for my emotions during or afterwards. I don’t want a commitment for life dude just a few dates and some good sex but nooooo this is apparently too much to ask for these days. Chivalry and Jodeci lyrics were all lies then?

3) Treat you like a sex thing. You will enter the ‘fuck ‘em and forget ‘em’ zone from which there is no escape. Don’t come back asking for more than that.

Here’s the thing. Friends listen to your problems. If we aren’t having sex why would I want to listen to your problems especially those you are having with other women. This is not free coaching r us.  You may just want to salve your conscious or truly want a shoulder to cry on but honestly most of us have enough friends that we don’t need to collect more. Unless you are handy with the DIY then, bros for life!!

Oops! That was 3. And for the record, he was a 3. The sex is just ok.

  1. Are you adventurous?

So if I say yes I’m adventurous you are expecting 3sums, sex on the tube and eh lots and lots of anal. A girl can only really ever say no to this and then you think she is boring but that’s ok you can talk her round to what you want to do anyway. Because all men don’t hear no to anything sexual anyway do they. One guy asked me if I was adventurous once and I made the mistake of saying I’d had a few misadventures. He then offered me a job shagging guys for money. It is never safe to answer this question with a yes my precious. Unless you are looking for that kind of work.

Get him to qualify this with what he means by adventurous and get him to tell you everything he has done. Chances are after you have heard everything you may not want him either. One guy told me that he loved choking and slapping girls in the face. Fine dude but I’m not pretty enough to lose an eye or tooth so I made my excuses and left.

Adventurous could be Katy Perry level or it could be memberships at the local sex dungeon. This question doesn’t really bring out much worth speaking about on date one. Lose it gents. It shows you up as a prat. And let’s face it, most of you can’t deal with really adventurous women anyway. Strap on anyone? Hmmm, didn’t think so

  1. How long you had your hair like that?

OMG I didn’t realise so many men were obsessed with hair until I started shaving it or wearing it Mohican / quiff stylee. Then I get all sorts of variations of this question from you look like a boy (the recently culled Fish ‘n’chip shop owner) to the I don’t like your hair that colour please change it (ex ‘almost’ fiancé) to ….my pet peeve why don’t you get it relaxed?

I’m a girl. I know what hair styles I like and don’t. Sometimes I rest it and sometimes, it really IS meant to look this bad.  So please if you are not feeling the hair keep on stepping. Nothing to see here and definitely not worth a question or a comment.

I wonder how men would be if we started commenting on their hair or baldness or worse their clothes. Not the one gents, not the one

The other day I had a lovely night with a guy. Well it was ok. Then the next morning I deemed it acceptable to take off the blonde wig and head out of the house with the Mohican afro. He looked, looked again then said….”that’s a funky hairstyle!” This is code for I hate it. Whatever dude, you had already put out.

I think short hair puts them off because you rarely see women with short hair in porn and not many natural haired black women. And we all know how they love to tug on the hair from that certain position. Be care boys some of that glue or tracks aren’t that tight!

And female friends don’t think I don’t notice your comments too. I just love you too much to cull your need to say something even when you haven’t been asked.

So that’s it my lovelies part 2 of 3 on Stupid Questions men ask. Look out for part 3 tomorrow!



  1. Haha- i feel you on the “funky hairstyle”- shut your face boy- who asked you anyway?? Even more so the girlfriends who comment- especially the backhanded comment- Lord give us strength!

  2. Great breakdown of the “are you adventurous?” question. I’ve struggled to answer this question and now I know exactly what NOT to say. Looking forward to part 3.

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