singletinis woes

Conversation with Mama Black:

Mama: So your sister is pregnant
Me: I know
Mama: And on her first try!!
Me: I know
Mama: Didn’t you and XXX try for ages?
Me: Yes we did.
Mama: Finally my dreams of being a Gogo are coming true
Me: Glad to see you had such lofty aspirations
Mama: Huh?
Me [mumbles] nothing.
Mama: So what about you? When are you going to finally bring joy into my life?
Me: [worried] Is this about the money I owe you?
Mama: No, it’s about you giving me grandchildren. Your sister is married and pregnant. You’re running around in christmas elf costumes.
Me: It was santa’s mistress!
Mama: I’ll chant harder. You obviously need my help.
Me: Can you chant for Omari Hardwick?
Mama: Is he African?
Me: No he’s am American actor
Mama: Then no.
Me: OK, well this has been useful
Mama: Awwwww, Love you baby!
Me: Hmmmmm
Mama: Can’t wait to see you for Xmas.

Yes I’ve got 3 days of this to endure
#Singletinis woes


  1. Pahahahahahah! “Elf” pahahahhahah! Thankfully my mummy just continues her prayers in peace…with the unwavering hope that eventually “he” will appear .

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