Sex Only SOBs

Sex Only SOBs

So this is just a mini rant to say that there is increasingly a type of guy friend who will be nice to you as long as they deem sex only is on the table. Sex Only SOBs believe that they can have a relationship on their terms with no responsibility for your emotions etc.  They’re spoilt and entitled by a large number of women who accommodate them by assuming they can turn Sex Only into More. Don’t get me wrong. If a woman and a man are both into Sex Only then that’s fine. Just don’t then call with your life woes and try to blur the lines of friendship. Keep it clean and clear. No girlfriend like privileges on your terms.

Signs of a Sex Only SOBs

However, the minute Sex Only SOBs realise there is no chance of Sex Only they do one of the following:  

  1. Disappear for good. Good. Be honest that it’s all about your penis, bro.
  2. Stick around because you don’t know your mind and they can change it. Women eh? Always saying no when really they just want you to convince them. If they get a chance to fuck they will angry fuck you.
  3. Pretend to still be your friend whilst secretly resenting you by making effed up comments.
  4. Treat you like shit in a passive aggressive way whilst never telling you the reason for it.

The latter two are the ones you need to watch out for ladies and gents. Because any guy who is stealth in his resentment that you won’t fuck him is likely to fuck you badly if ever there is a chance. He tends towards a deep seated hatred of women (incels and misogyny) which can be tipped into an unpleasant engagement where you are left feeling gaslighted at every turn.

Why I’m ranting

I’ve recently been engaged in such a relationship. I thought we were friends. I thought there were mutual respect. He laughed at my acerbic jokes. I laughed at his amusing anecdotes. It worked. But, no, the minute he decided that trying to get sex out of me was too damn tricky because I’d catch feelings he turned into a prick.

As you know I’ve been in relationships with narcissists before (Narcassist A and Narcassist B). They’re hard to spot as they lavish you with compliments at the beginning and seem fully engaged in the relationship. But this twisted blurred friendship for sex bullshit has to end now.

Why do they do it?

Some guys will argue that being an arsehole is easier than telling you that they don’t want you because they’re in a committed relationship with fucking mediocre looking women they can pick up and disregard at will. They prey on those that are insecure enough to put up with a half arsed relationship and when you clearly state that you aren’t settling for less they get all up in their feels.

I know women do it too and they should stop doing that shit.  If you don’t want to be his friend, then keep it moving. Don’t Julia Roberts him in that horrendous movie (my best friend’s wedding I think? Where women are told to go after a man engaged to someone else because only you and Russel E Grant know what’s better for him. You)

So male friends with hidden agendas, go fuck yourselves and leave those of us with a clear understanding of what we want alone.

Please and thanks

© Chelsea Black 2019

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