Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys

 Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys.

TV show on rinsing guys.  Being self-employed is a pain in a recession and I’m always looking for ways of making money. I’ve already been offered the fabulous opportunity of sleeping with men for money by a guy I met at a networking event. Strangely over lunch he suggested that we go 50/50 with him finding the men and me sleeping with them as well as finding other women to sleep with them. I thought, hold on here. I  was the one who would be doing all the work. Hello! I found myself trying to negotiate an 80/20 before remembering that I didn’t want to be a call girl or a Madam. That book has already been written and I don’t think ITV 2 would commission the black rip off.

One of the rinsers actually compared her use of skills with being a nurse? I was finished. A nurse goes to college lovely and learns a skill. She doesn’t post semi provocative pictures of herself on a website and charge guys £200 for the clip. It saddened me because these women could have made serious money as entrepreneurs with their work ethics. Instead they used their looks.

Rinsing lives on!

But last night on Channel 4 there was a delightful show on women who rinsed money and gifts off of stupid lonely men but never slept with them. I’m not convinced that some of them didn’t sleep with them. No instead they had jobs like glamour models and street promoters for clubs in Mansfield and yet bragged about the lucrative life of rinsing. This programme put me off Mansfield for life. The nightlife and opportunities just didn’t really seem like the right place for any single girl let alone a rinser.

This phenomenon which isn’t new at all but just easier with social media and the rise of the internet raises three issues for me. One, glamour modelling has clearly suffered in the recession as well as being so exploitative that people have to supplement their incomes. Secondly these women were clearly willing to sell themselves for money and yet claimed not to sell their bodies. Isn’t this also known as fraud? Third, 2 of the 3 rinsers were single mothers. Where was the alimony / child support? And why were they doing it?

Rinsing traits

One theme seemed to be that you had to be bullied at school to become a rinser. So the theory there is that these women are getting their own back for all the emotional abuse they suffered as ginger kids? Then watch out bitches because there will be a lot of ethnic minority rinsers coming to a twitter feed near you soon if bullying is a key factor. Some said they did it because men are stupid and think with their dicks. I can’t argue with this. Some men are stupid but there was something about them that seemed bitter and hurt and felt that they were entitled to punish all men for the crimes of a few. If this was the case then dating bloggers must be by default the wealthiest rinsers ever and yet I haven’t had that memo. Excuses.

No, these were somewhat intelligent girls who didn’t want to work particularly hard (and yet seemed to work hard at manipulation). Instead they used their looks and were gleeful over a watch or a pair of shoes they had gotten out of some guy. Bless them they didn’t realise that they were still being used or exploited sex or not.

Rinsing little

And for all that work one of them made less than £1000 a month? She was disappointed when she realised someone had only given her £30 Calvin Klein earrings.  And herein lies the difference. Anyone knows that Calvin Klein isn’t a jeweller. But she didn’t. She just knows that Calvin Klein is a big brand. I felt sorry for them as it just doesn’t seem like the British ones are doing that well. Yes one is writing a book about becoming a Gold Digger.  I’ll wait for the stilt walker from Mansfield to finish writing that. Clearly she hadn’t gotten a laptop out of her rinsing as she was writing it neatly in a note book, bless. And she couldn’t google because she would have known that gold digging books are already out there.

Men still winning  

Who is rinsing who?

I watched the show thinking if this is what they can get by not sleeping with the guys could they imagine how much more they could get if they did? Real rinsers know better than to go on a show, exposer their craft and get dumped. These were the struggling wannabe rinsers.  Also known as your lazy friend who always has to borrow money from you on a night out. Black cabs don’t accept Jimmy Choo as payment.

And yet these women thought the guys were stupid? I’m going to argue that these women were damaged and say no more. Studying for a degree or calling them stupid when stranded in New York doesn’t make you any smarter.

But let’s face it without sex and becoming the girlfriend you really can’t rinse for long. It’s a bad business model because he will want something younger, tighter and more willing to sleep with them. Learn from those that know ladies. Call Amber Rose!

© Chelsea Black


  1. Please can I get more info on this I am very interested in becoming a finder, help a girl out I’m up for anything 🙂

  2. This is nothing new. The rinsers are not prostitutes. They are con artist, this is really technically illegal but hard to enforce as victims rarely press charges. The risers are involved in deception and emotional manipulation for financial gain. This is very very similar to fortune teller scams. They also share similarities with the West African 419 internet scams. They use social networking, lots of lying and Machiavellian emotional manipulation. This rinsing is a form of fraud. They destroy people financially. Few women take up this kind of predatory criminal enterprise. I dont see how anyone can celebrate this in good conscience.

    • see you’re already on the right track. You say one. These women were looking for a portfolio which they needed to keep updating. I seriously didn’t get it! 😉

  3. well at least they are doing well for themselves, and your there thinking your all that! and then you slag off Amber Rose… yes, clearly proffesional.

    • I’ve approved your comment ‘Amber Rose’ because a) they weren’t doing that well for themselves for the amount of work they put in b) you’re not your and c) professional has one f and two s. And I was complimenting Amber Rose as doing it well unlike these women on the show

  4. Hmm I’ve not watched it yet, but Im buying that they werent sleeping with the men….and bless the woman who didnt realise that Calvin Klein was not a jeweller! I thought gold-diggers knew their jewellers from their designers…

    • She knew they weren’t a jeweller I just think she thought earrings from them would cost more than £30? I don’t see why when they were stainless steel. This was the least smart of the 3 as she relied on the guys buying her what she wanted more than the others who dictated what they wanted

  5. I agree Moreover there is an inequality in how we view money and dating / relationships. And rarely do we consider that men have emotions.

    That said if men think that gifts will get them sex there will be some women who take advantage and exploit that in the same way as those men that take advantage of women.

    Neither are right.

    • “if men think that gifts will get them sex”

      those men are simply not very smart unfortunately, and I’m not even sure this is the case.

      If it’s purely about sex, why would a man spend money on gifts for no return if the same cash could be put towards a call girl?

      The reality is a lot of these men are in actuality desperate to have a relationship with someone, and unfortunately, that someone usually has to fit with their notion of the mythical “ideal” woman they have been led to believe is obtainable.

      • Well there you go. I don’t think it is enough to say that either side is emotionally vulnerable and yet want the dream. And both sides know the truth about most of the interactions they get involved in even if they lie to themselves about what it is. Men and women are in denial a lot of the time

  6. Isn’t it just the case (as it always has been and always will be), of men thinking with their dicks and women using their charms on men?

    • But that’s just it. In a situation where sex is “clearly” not on offer according to these women then men are being teased. What is the point? There are some of us that are stupid and sleep with them for free. Oooh new blog.

      • because men think with their dicks and think they are in with a chance…

        • I think those that are online must be realistic about theur chances though surely. Some must get off on the fantasy but as we know one quickly gets bored with fantasy ….or turns to stalking

    • Typical.
      If a woman gets “rinsed” by a man they have fallen in love we hear no end of the male exploitation of women’s feelings.
      Believe it or not some men do fall in love, and they are just as vulnerable as women when this happens.
      The idea that men somehow deserve to treated like shit is simply wrong.
      Human beings should treat each other with respect rather than look for way to fuck each other over.

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