Sex lies and rinsing guys the final part

Random: Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys part 4

The last rinse

The funniest thing has happened since this show was aired earlier this week. I wrote a few blogs on the subject which is something we women have been aware of for a long time but most of us avoid as a distasteful practise done by social climbers who think labels are to be worshipped. Bless them they don’t know that real money isn’t a rental property and stilt walking around Mansfield. But then the feedback was strange. See here for the comments.

Firstly some of you have erroneously come to the conclusion that either I have aspirations as a rinser or that I am jealous of rinsers. Purlease! If ever I decided to use my manipulation skills for evil I would do better than £30 earrings from Calvin Klein. I just have no desire to entertain men I consider to be stupid or vulnerable. Karma is a bitch, I’m in a dating recession so I REALLY can’t afford to take any risks.

Is Rinsing recession proof?

Secondly some men have decided that this is the call to arms they needed to tighten the hold on their purses. Always suspicious of women who never pay for anything and yet offer nothing I think this silly programme highlighted their worst fears and now we must all start negotiating how dates are going to pan out financially. Trust me there are going to be battle lines drawn with both having to place their budgets next to their napkins in advance.

And thirdly a guy who had been rinsed for a pair of shoes told me why he did it. Apparently he has a thing for pleasing people and a picture of her in the shoes was nice and all but he just got turned on by buying them and at the thought of her wearing something he had bought. I guess I get it. Like when someone does something just for you and it’s between the two of you there is something about that which is emotive. Sexually emotive I’m not so sure but we all have different sexual triggers. This is just another one.

Last drop

I really don’t know. It’s too complicated for my mind and I’ve never gotten anything worthwhile so clearly I’m not a natural. But he did say she was tiny and it was like dressing a Barbie doll. A size 3 shoe? Yes I can see how that would work. There is something playful but also a strange power dynamic to it all. We won’t go into the child like implications as I don’t think many consider that there is a thin Fraudian line there.

But I’ve rinsed this topic of rinsing and so on that note am out to explore other worlds of going out and sex etiquette beginning with the letter F. Oh and if anyone cares, I’m a size 6 shoe, 8 dress. 😉

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  1. This is nothing new. The rinsers are not prostitutes. They are con artist, this is really technically illegal but hard to enforce as victims rarely press charges. The risers are involved in deception and emotional manipulation for financial gain. This is very very similar to fortune teller scams. They also share similarities with the West African 419 internet scams whose goal is to squeeze the most money possible out of there victims. They use social networking, lots of lying and Machiavellian emotional manipulation. This rinsing is a form of fraud. They destroy people financially. Few women take up this kind of predatory criminal enterprise. I don’t see how anyone can celebrate this in good conscience.

    Another key point is all the guys they exploit are average – not poor or rich. There claims of doing just rich guys is not true, they are lying. Their method is do this to as many guys as they can juggle always looking for new fresh meat. I have seen women like this operate. Literally everything they say may be a lie. Everything is gauged for its emotional impact, truthfulness is completely irrelevant.
    Also note the rinsers all about me ruthless self centered narcissism.

    The guys who are victims, often young, have very poor models of how male female relations actually work. They may be following a deeply flawed Disneyland/Hollywood idea of romantic relations. This would make them easy marks for rinsers. Young guys need proper education how women really operate. These is so much misinformation and little truth.

    Law enforcement and the courts can also step in, when senior citizen without their full mental faculties fall victim (the rinsers love easy marks) it is their job to enforce the law. They have to know there can be consequences to their crimes.

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