Rough sex guide

Rough Sex Guide part 1.

Rough Sex Guide part 1. So the other day I woke up and wasn’t feeling well. The dreaded post sex UTI had gotten me. This was not a good look. I spend way too much time with doctors and chemists discussing my sexual health. Something has to give. I’m guessing it’s the type of sex. Here’s a rough sex warning to all.

I remember the days (showing my age) when rough sex meant some light spanking, a bit of hair pulling when you were in doggy (weaves permitting) or when you were having angry make up sex. All acceptable vanilla forms of getting off. I miss those days.

But now sex has become one of those contact sports in which women are expected to close their eyes and take it whichever way a man wants it. And as I’ve said before we do not necessarily watch the same porn as you do. The level of force now being used could be viewed as illegal in some countries and yet we put up with it. Why? Because apparently that’s what a good woman does. Takes it and shuts up. Well not me. I’ve had enough. I’m retiring at the age of 32.

I’ve come to the realisation that men not only don’t know how our minds work but also don’t know how our bodies work. Either they treat you like you’re going to break or nowadays like they’re trying to break you. They are scared of female complaints and internal issues. And we don’t make it any better by shielding them from the bloody gory truth.

Porn actresses are professionals. I’m sure they warm up those muscles, lube up between takes, take poppers and relaxant drugs for certain positions and don’t mind sustaining a bruise or two because they can cover it with body makeup without worrying about it getting all over the sheets. The average woman doesn’t have access to all of these resources folks. The sooner men realise that there is a reason porn sometimes jumps from one scene to the next is so that she can be prepped properly for the contact she is about to receive.  Most men don’t do their prep. It’s a travesty.

The other day I tripped across a film in which the ‘Dad’ stalked his daughter, choked her with some sort of string then went on to rape her continuously. But don’t worry, I think I was meant to be reassured by the fact that the girl was meant to be over 18? And then there is the influence of music. So this daggering dancehall nonsense I ignored as having no relevance in my life until I was stabbed by a dick the other day and sustained an injury. Where is the Health and Safety people? Where is the need to make sure that we are both enjoying it and won’t suffer consequences afterwards. And for the sake of clarity rough sex is less safe.

Header: If a girl says Ouch not oooh then you’re not doing something right for her.

This is my problem with men and rough sex. Most women don’t enjoy it when it’s painful. Rough sex doesn’t have to injure the other person. I notice they are rarely bruised and scarred in the making of this sex. No it’s just us. My issue is that there is little respect or fun in rough sex. It is merely him using you as a vessel to get off. Unless it is consensual in which case you do you boo boo and tell me you walked into a dick when I see you.

I’m off to change my porn supplier. Clearly this one has gotten too extreme for my sensibilities.

Rubs belly sorely.

© Chelsea Black


  1. As a ‘nice fella’ with a fantastic girlfriend who I adore and who I’d never want to hurt, I take my lead from her in the rough sex department. I took a risk the other night & pulled her across the room by her hair before throwing her over the arm of the sofa. She later mentioned it as something she loved & was very happy I did it. I get the feeling that my barriers may be somewhat higher than hers. Go figure.

  2. Actually it’s mostly the women who want rough sex and be subimssive. It puts men in a difficult situation really. Your post is totally off the mark.

    • I’m talking about when the woman doesn’t want it. Of course there are women who like rough sex or who enjoy being submissive. But surely sexual intercourse should be consenual and communicated not just one person imposing what they want on another

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