Mr. Silhouette

Recently I attended a fashion awards gala. Don’t ask me why my precious but I thought it was a fun thing to do and erm, my other plans had fallen through

Anyhoo, I figured that there wouldn’t be much in the way of talent. Stereotype and cliché they may be but I see the fashion world men as gay, old or into models. None of these were really going to work for me given my inability to walk in heels.

But as I walked up to the venue I spotted a guy who had a certain walk that drew me. I didn’t know why but I slowed my skip / dance/ jiggle walk ( I was listening to Missy Elliot on the iPod) and watched his silhouette come towards me from the shadows. He was shorter than usual but his energy spoke to me. But, alas he was walking with a woman. Reluctantly I turned up ‘we run this’ and skipped off.

But then , the universe is my friend! In walked Mr Silhouette with an old friend of mine.  Thank goodness I know so many people. He gave me a funny face and sort of said hi but I was engulfed in smooches and hugs from my friend blocking my flirtatious smile back. Drat. He had disappeared to get their tickets and I was left outside again waiting on my friend. It was a black event so inevitably everyone was late and fabulously turned out.

We were too late to get good seats but the universe did its magic and we were seated directly opposite the runwalk from Mr Silhouette! I mentally punched the air then spent the next hour practising my ‘engaged in fashion but open to an approach’ face. It wasn’t hard, the fashion wasn’t engaging.  I noticed him stealing the odd glance and knew this was mutual.

There was a moment after the interval when I came back to my seat to find an old man in sitting in his seat but Mr Silhouette returned and thankfully rescued me from having to focus on the designs.

So I settled in to a flirt don’t flirt routine. There was a time when I caught him staring and I actually blushed!  This was turning into a south Korean / bollywood style flirtation. He was just perfect and I never could resist a man in a suit. When was this bloody Gala going to end? Needless to say the mediocre entertainment wasn’t helping.

Eventually the show ended and I resisted the urge to jump out of my seat. Slowly I gathered up the paraphernalia and walked to the exit. And there I was ambushed by people I knew. Darn, why do I know so many people? I glanced across and saw him standing nearby making small talk.

Then I decided that I needed to pee. I was fast barely remembering to wash my hands. I gave myself a quick “life doesn’t give you many  chances Chelsea” pep talk in the mirror then re-entered the hall to find him….Gone?!?Damn me and my weak bladder.

It’s been a week and I’m still thinking about him. So word to the wise: never leave your intended victim my precious. Not even if nature is calling.


  1. True but something tells me that he may be her backup. You know women over 30 don’t share their toys. I will see him again. It’s destined. Please though can I be looking half decent when it happens!!

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