Married at First Sight UK is back (and more Black)

Married at First Sight UK is back this month and, I just don’t know anymore. Last season was a hot mess and felt like you were dealing with a whole heap of celebs go dating /reality TV wannabes. In fact I think nearly two thirds of the contestants had been on other reality TV shows beforehand. Married at First Sight UK was also supersized from 3 to 8 couples and had its first gay couple on there so in some ways it was deemed a ‘win’ for progress?

So what can you expect?

For those of you who have never seen the show the concept is that you are matched by a panel of experts and you meet your partner at the altar for the first time. Cue the family issues, the lack of attraction and the forced issues when couples actually get on.

It kind of works as in people aren’t matched on appearance and more on values. My issue is that the try to match or inversely match personalities and I’m not sure how well that has worked for the UK. e.g. a quiet dude with a loud mouth.

Here’s a look ahead at this season’s contestants. Contestants because it’s a competition for stardom as opposed to trying to find your partner for life.

First Thoughts of new season?

They’ve gone more Black which is fine although some of them feel a little too typically stereotypical. I’m also getting more LGBTQ vibes after the success of the first gay couple last season. That will be interesting as long as they don’t fetishize it all.

This notion of getting minority groups to help support ratings is a little done to be honest. But the show seems to have a couple to three more seasons in it

Age wise it doesn’t seem too young but let’s see. Maturity isn’t just a number! I will watch it but drop it quickly if I’m feeling that it’s overly contrived.

Is the concept Over?

The concept is kind of done now. We know that producers aren’t about getting people to be together forever. It’s all about the ratings and ratings require explosive personalities. So we are going to see a lot more drama this season although I don’t think it will reach Niquita levels. After the Love Island season we can see that the producers aren’t limiting any misogyny, racism or bullying so I expect to see a lot more group dynamics in this episode.

What I would change

I would love it if they spoke to family first. Or friends so the matching was more than what the individual thought they were. This to me is what the show lacks. Honesty from the start of the process. People inadvertently lie without realising they’re not the way they see themselves in their heads. So yeah, more digging at the beginning please and more precise matching.

I’d also like them to get rid of the Blonde Australian coach. She’s annoying as fuck. I want Paul to be a little more directive with the couples and I’d like the Black woman to do more than she did last season. And I’d like couples who, I dunno, stay together? The whole point of the show is that the experts, not the producers, should be able to match you better than you can match yourself.

I’d also love it if the couples actually lives in areas which were sustainable for a relationship afterwards. Britain is easier but I know in the Australian one there were ridiculous distances that made no sense at all. I wouldn’t even bother with more than a 2 hour distance in Britain.

All I’ll say is that Channel 4 need this win after the lacklustre First Dates season they’ve just had. They’re struggling and, so are we with dating the app way.

Happy Reality TVing!

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