Leonard Cohen leaving

Leonard Cohen

Last night I went to the Leonard Cohen concert. I’ve always been aware of his music but I wouldn’t say that I’m his biggest fan. But it was a free ticket and I’m nothing if not a fan of a freebie so I went. Yes recession concert going.

When I arrived I saw that his fans…..didn’t look like me. There was a lot of black and ….more black. But it was all clothing. Yes a lot of his stuff is about depression and mental health but I didn’t get that from the concert. Instead I saw a sprightly 78 year old poet / songwriter perform some of his greatest hits.  The experience was more like being at a sermon. Worshiping at the alter of music than a concert.

It was a beautiful concert. All 3 hours of it. I went alone as most of my friends hadn’t really heard of him. Or maybe they said that because they just didn’t want to go?

It was amazing to hear Hallelujah sung live but I have a new love. Alexandra Leaving is a beautiful poem turned song. For that alone I’m glad that I went. Because finding love isn’t easy. Finding songs that speak to you instantly rarer.

Unlike the poor couple that were sat next to me on an early in the relationship date. He was clearly a fan of the music. She was a fan of beer. No looker she made up for it in useless facts that she told him about people he didn’t know. Something tells me that she got to 5 beers but wouldn’t be getting to date 5.

But my highlight of the night was the drunken guy who managed to piss off a whole section of the audience. Yes he was not only drunk but he was a belligerent arse. Apparently Leonard Cohen fans don’t stand for such nonsense and he and his elderly dad were ejected by a crew of indignant fans.

He was dragged down trying to chat up the manly looking security woman with a “What’s your name luv? Eh? Gorgeous? What’s you’re name!”. Eventually even she was worn down by his efforts and sat him elsewhere. He called for his dad to come and join him. Poor dad was clearly still recovering from the hip replacement and shame of his son but gingerly made his way down. As he did his son gave the finger to the whole section a number of times.  I saw him later dancing with another steward to the waltz song. One of them didn’t look like they were having fun. I would say it was the steward who was made to bump uglies with the drunken arse.

Good times. Thank you Leonard Cohen. A poet and a gentleman.

© Chelsea Black


  1. Leonard Cohen is as close to a god as a singer can get. I used to listen to Alexandra Leaving over and over and over again…

    Glad you had fun.

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