Kevin Hart London part 2

Kevin Hart the tricky 2nd time

So I’ve just come back from the Kevin Hart. Alas, no after party for this chick. The crowd were generally way too young for me to even bother trying to wangle a free one off of anyone. After sitting next to some smelly boys (yes I felt like I was in a bad gym shower porkys scene)  All I wanted to do is go home and read a book. A sure sign that the concert wasn’t all that I had hoped for? He sold out and performed to over 16,000 people so for that alone the show was a resounding success. But with the success I noticed the crowd were definitely younger than last year. MUCH younger. If I was in the toy boy market I’ll know where to go looking. But I left over made up women harassing the support acts for photos and got on the first tube out of there.

Ah the support acts. What can I say….panty liners and shit in pants is funny now? Urgh toilet humour reminds me of having to sit through bad comedy with numerous exes. It was a clear indication that this was a show for the boys not for the ladies which is a pity because the audience was pretty mixed. There was a cute bit about a dirty baby but some of the jokes were the same as last year. Where’s the new material dudes? Come on!

I will say this though…somewhere on that tour bus is a gym because they all had great arms on them. Yes there was some buffness on that stage. Maybe there was a groupon deal on gym equipment. Nah, they don’t need the bargain buy with a sold out European tour. But thank the trainers. The men were looking good.

The show started 35 minutes late.  Why as black shows has this become expected? And why when it started late were there still some people walking in over an hour later? You can’t make it for 8pm like everyone else cos you had to go home and what? Choose the right pair of trainers? Nonsense.

Kevin was good but I can’t say great. Like the support acts there were a few jokes I heard last year. It WAS only last June he was here and in my humble opinion too soon to be doing another tour. Last year’s tour Laugh at my pain was tight. It felt like it was well researched, well put together and executed to perfection. This year was just a tad sloppy. There wasn’t as much of the interwoven stories and consistency. It jumped in places. I laughed yes but seriously not as hard as I would have liked.

I’m glad I went don’t get me wrong as it’s always good to laugh but….I’m glad I’m home

Time for this old bird to drink her peppermint tea and pop to bed. Imperial Wharf Jazz festival tomorrow!


© Chelsea Black


  1. I went to see Chris Tucker last week at the Apollo Hammersmith. 7 out of 10. I though the crowd got the tickets from Groupon. They were so young. I wish Bernie Mac was still around. He is the best.

  2. I agree. I LOVE Kevin Hart and I was buzzing for daaaaays after last year’s show. I enjoyed this year too, but it’s exactly as you said. It also seemed a bit rushed, because there was no interval or build up for his entrance after Na’im Lynn left the stage, it was pretty much straight away. But I did enjoy it though.

  3. I was making my way home around the time when a huge crowd of what looked to me like Justin Bieber fans seemed to be headed to the O2 which is.y to far from me…I was confused because the crowd looked underage. Whoever does Mr Hart’s PR has been focusing on MORE magazine readers and Choice FM listeners…thanks for your honesty I got the sense that people’s were hyping this. Call me when Eddie Murphy makes a comeback.

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