Why I hate Jeremy Clarkson on a cellular level

Once again an unfortunate looking middle aged celebrity white man has attacked a Black Woman who did nothing more but exist. But this time it’s different as he doesn’t even have to indicate why. Because it’s cellular. Jeremy Clarkson is so adamant that his hatred of Megan is cellular, thus raising the question, is Jeremy’s bigotry biological and therefore beyond his control? Is the hatred of Black Women something that is nature versus nurture and therefore justifiable?

I jest. Jeremy Clarkson and his cellular level hatred of Meghan Markle is just another classic example of white men having a problem with Black Women who are unapologetically successful. And hence why I hate men like Jeremy Clarkson on a cellular level too. I just can’t help but want to stay alive and not be abused!

What the dickhead said

The Sun newspaper happily allowed this man to write the following and not one editor thought, this is too much. He’s gone too far. It’s not even close to a joke, this is just a nasty (barely) human being who wants violence for another human being. Violence is that is psychopathic and traumatising.  

 “I hate her. Not like I hate (Scottish First Minister) Nicola Sturgeon or (serial killer) Rose West. I hate her on a cellular level.

At night, I’m unable to sleep as I lie there, grinding my teeth and dreaming of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds chant, ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her.”

So not only does he hate her but he also wants her to be publicly humiliated as well as naked. He hates her more than a serial killer?

Apparently there have been over 17,500 complaints about his views and The Sun have removed the article. But not before millions of people were forced to hear of the hatred he has for one person. And not before, instead of apologising to Meghan he instead apologised for causing so much hurt. He can’t help himself! He’s a dickhead.

Also dude, why are you losing sleep over a woman who doesn’t know you? Dentist bills for a sister who probably has never willingly endured an episode of your shit show?!?

And why Meghan (again)?

The reason men like Jeremy come for Meghan is because she is exactly like them but better. She has basically risen in celebrity based on very little but connections and drive. She’s a decent actress but she’s not a mastermind. Meghan has some privilege and entitlement but has not struggled in the way they would want her to. She’s just succeeded better and they resent the fuck out of her for this. How dare she just marry into the royal family without humbling herself and paying her dues? Some may argue that some of her early acting was paying her dues but, that’s a whole other article.

Instead she was introduced to the then 2nd in line to the throne of a tiny island off of Europe and joined the Kings and Queens of Colonialism. Jeremy is known for making dad jokes as he races cars on ‘Top Gear’ and for being a much loved, national dickhead.

As we all know Jeremy is not the first white man to come for Meghan. Piers Morgan has dedicated his last few years of his career going for Meghan. He consistently spews vitriol at her very existence. Like how dare she not want this pathetic penis of mine and rather go for Prince Harry’s!   Piers led the charge on Meghan and men like them won’t be stopped by reason. No, they can only be stopped by legal action.

Remember Greta Thunberg?  

We have seen this level of accepted hatred before. When a teenage girl pled with world leaders for immediate climate change action. World leaders acted like she had declared war against them. For the first time we saw grandfathers stand up and tear her down like she stole their Viagra. And all because they could do it with little to no negativity from the press. They talked about her ignorance and then her privileged background and anything but what she asked for. So if a Swedish, blonde adjacent, child isn’t safe from such reactions then Black Women have no chance at all.

Black Women Remain Unprotected      

I remember when Serena Williams started winning. The first thing white media pointed out is how manly she was. Her style of play was aggressive and it was unfair to the drug cheats like Maria Sharapathetic who weren’t able to win anymore. Pretty pretty Maria who cried and they wanted to protect because they have to protect blonde women from the evil that is Black Women literally just doing their job. And yet she still made more than Serena in sponsorships and shit because she’s just so pretty!

And throughout the vicious jabs made by the Jeremys and Pierses (wait, is it Pierss or Pierses? Is Piers short for something?) the only outcomes is some people complaining about it? Why are people not protecting women like Serena and Meghan?

Unapologetic Black Women

So here’s the thing: Nobody likes an ‘uppity negro’ but with men you can use systemic violence to silence them. With women your violence varies from micro aggressions to sexual or physical violence. You MUST know your place and be grateful to be in the room / space / table.

I’ve noticed it mostly in work environments when you are told subtly to stay in your lane

The most murdered group per capita in the US remains Black Trans Women and not enough is being done to address it. Increases in Black Women victims of murder was reported in 2020 when George Floyd made the news because Black Women are ACTUALLY dying. Yet we are refusing to see a link between violence towards Black Women in medias, social media and actual violence and deaths?

Heck, Megan the Stallion was shot by some 5.3 Canadian rapper because he thought he could.

My Christmas Prayer for Jeremy Clarkson

So this is why I hate Jeremy Clarkson and all men who use Black Women as their fodder. Because I too choose to hate those who are so embittered that they shit badly on others. And I hate him with my whole being. It’s cellular. And ancestral. It’s the power of knowing that they could choose to just get on and enjoy all of the privileges they have but instead bully and berate and belittle Black Women because they are easy targets with no protection from the world. And that these men instigate violence against Black Women without remorse or legal recourse.

So, I fucking hope he suffers. I would say I hope he comes back as a Black Woman but he doesn’t deserve that level of melanin and  magnificence. Instead I hope he is reincarnated as the reoccurring ulcer on a future monarch’s penis.

© Chelsea Black® 2022

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  1. Fuck yes, all of this. Thank you for writing so eloquently. They really do think no imagined sadistic, sexually and scatologically violent debasement is enough. Imagine his surprise that anyone other than Meghan minded.

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