I’m a wizpert

So the other day I was eating chocolate or thinking about eating chocolate when I received an email asking me to become a wizpert. Why lil ole me an expert on something. How could this be I wondered looking at the chocolate and wondering if Cadburys had reported the spike in sales in my area.

So what is this wizpert? Yes I hadn’t heard of it either and as I get requests to do lots of stupid things from having sex for money to checking out electronic equipment that doesn’t vibrate when I figured out it was I thought, why not?

Wizpert is a new idea where experts help people through Skype chats. I don’t know a lot about lots of things but bad dating practises…yes. It can be anything from business, to relationships, personal growth spiritual issues and dating. I’m one of their dating or relationship experts

I signed up to their beta test and promptly forgot about it. Until I got my first Skype request which was quickly followed by a few more. The fun part is that people tell you what they think the problem is and then it turns out that the problem is something totally different and you have to figure it out. You also have to be able to ignore typing errors, spelling and grammar on both sides as chatting is fast. Turns out I actually enjoy it.

I get an immense satisfaction when together we sort through the emotions and figure out what they are really feeling and how they are going to tackle their particular problem .In the end most of them know what they want to do but it’s fear that prevents them from admitting it. What if it doesn’t work out? What if the other person doesn’t feel as deeply as me? How do I hand their or my jealousy. How do I handle them not trusting me after I had an affair. All valid issues.

Weirdly I’ve been contacted more by men than I have women but that makes sense. They’re less likely to call their girlfriends for a natter about it and some of the issues are personal.  I await enough time to go by and for some of those that I’ve already advised to come back with their updates. Did she leave, has he stopped drinking and the violence and did she tell her best friend crush that she was in love with him? I guess I may never ever find out as it’s all anonymous. Some give their names and tell me to remember them they’ll be back. And you know what, I believe them.

So here’s to Wizpert and long may it go on.

© Chelsea Black

My wizpert detals are here


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