I am what I read

Day 4: I am what I read

I read very little. This is a bit of a lie as I have periods where I read three books in a day easily but the quality of what I read is so poor at times that I discount it as actual reading.  I may be a bit of a reading snob? Or just a snob general. Let’s not judge eh? I studied African Feminist Literature so that’s really where my heart lies. But there is too little of this for me to consider it a genre I can immerse myself in as often as I read.

I used to read anything and everything but there is a reason behind my choices in material now. If I read literary masterpieces whilst trying to write I lose my own writing voice and end up sounding like a rip off of whichever author I’ve just read. I don’t think anyone wants to read a rip off of a great author. Besides I’m arrogant enough to think my writing voice is worthy of being heard so don’t want to be reminded of the greatness that has already been published.

I only read for pure escapism and pleasure now and nothing taxes me too much. The odd philosophy or sociological book graces my bookshelf I admit but I don’t read much of anything. So my book shelf over the last few years consists of the following:

Self – Help

I think these help keep me motivated when I’m stuck at home all day alone and need something to cuddle up with in the night time. At the time I read them I nod sagely and agree with some of it then I tend to forget it days later. Self-help is great and psychology is fascinating but I’m not that messed up I guess. Well not yet.

Chick Lit

This is pure escapism. I’m disappointed if the protagonists don’t get together. I once read a Mills and Boon books where the couple had all sorts of issues and couldn’t get it together because of their respective pasts. I almost wrote in to complain. I don’t want to anticipate the ending except if it’s to wonder which of the two guys she will choose. They are more complicated to write than read tis true but this is my not so secret pleasure.

Business Books

Sadly I have to read for real work otherwise I would never be able to fund the very expensive hobby of blogging. I love Felix Dennis How to Get Rich and buy it for everyone.  So books on entrepreneurship are motivational and make me think that one day I too will muster up the capital to make a real go of it. One day.

I never read horror, rarely read fictional books written by men and spy / epic adventure books. No interest there at all. My book tastes reflects my film tastes. Oh wait. I read a Nicholas Sparks book. But just the one and that was after the film.

And for these I am happy. I don’t attempt to read other blogs which is ironic but I find so many people copy blogging styles and topics that I don’t want to be accused of the same. I read the odd bit of poetry, some biographies and lots of books on sex but that’s just research right?

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