Have a kit kat, have a break

A – Sexy B is for Blowjob cheats for women part 4

Ok so you’ve pulled out your techniques, the lollipop, the pornstar tongue, the kitty lick, the deep tissue cheek massage and you are starting to tire. What to do what to do? I’m not suggesting you literally take a full on union snack break although, what do I know. Nothing like chocolate to get that salty taste out of your mouth.  But here are some subtle interim breaks you can take:

1)      You don’t always have to take it into the back of your throat my precious. What do you think the sides of your mouth are for? Easier with the smaller individual granted but unless you are a yoga qualified breather sometimes a necessity.

2)      Hand job whilst you give the balls a bit of attention. Not too much mind. Some guys have uber sensitive balls and the hair hazard can be off putting. But it gives your jaw a well deserved rest. Come back for T is for teabagging.

3)      Remember this is foreplay? You don’t HAVE to suck him til he spills. Do something else for goodness sake. You can always come back to it if he’s looking like he’s about to deflate.

4)      Feeling like you are doing the work and he’s not? Yes this is a common problem. This is the age of equality and despite what we say we do give to receive. Well, if it’s any good. My advice is to keep a notebook of his time spent down there and yours on him. A league table if you will. Chances are you’re winning and you can get a few sessions off whilst he catches up. Mwahahahahaha!  😉

Never give up on the BJs my precious. You can’t really get it wrong if you are enthusiastic and avoid using teeth or pulling faces of distaste. More on this topic when we get to S for Spit or Swallow

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  1. I will be your husband forever till died do us apart if you ready Chelsea Black i won’t disappoint you non your love

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