Gina Yashere

Quick shout out for one of Britian’s best talents. Gina introduced the Nobody’s Fool screening despite not being in it and was hilarious and raw. For me she stole the show

The book

We heard about her journey from Bethnal Green and engineering to taking America by storm. But she was honest, she had to invest in herself after watching less talented comedians getting the opportunities, she had worked hard for.
It’s taken 12 years of self investment to get to where she is and it’s something we all could learn from right?  Inspirational. You need to know she’s dropping a book out this year and will be back in the summer to perform at Udderbelly.

The Netflix

She talked about the BBC and their token policy, Michael McIntyre who used to open for her and how she had to pound pavements all over the US giving out fliers to get theatres filled for those now Netflix specials. All self funded and filmed by crew hired by Gina.

Gina Yashere

Sometimes I find that we are quick to celebrate American talents and celebrities and forget those from the UK. Let’s start celebrating our own please. Gina rocks.

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