A review of Nobody's Fool the latest offering from Tyler Perry out soon in the UK. A story of two very different sisters truggles as they live together

Nobody’s Fool

I went to see a Tyler Perry movie. I know, I’m surprised too. But, Gina Yashere was performing so I figured why not? I could tolerate one more movie by him, no?  

Apparently not really. His movies always sound better than they are. Whoever writes the blurb and puts together the trailer really knows how to sell it. Then it starts and we get into a nonsense of epic shadist and monolithic proportions. I really want to like them but, no.

 But my ex virtual husband Omari Hardwick was in this one so I’m pleased that I went. Just for him and his gym / prison tattooed self. [Let us take a moment].

I’m back and to be honest the worst thing about this movie is that Tyler Perry still can’t write uptight professional women. He takes Katherine Heigl / Sandra Bullock characters and just turns them into bitches. We are not rooting for them at all. They say bitchy things and then expect to be forgiven because they’re cute. It’s just blackwashed rom coms with really bad dialogue. He needs a script writer.

He also gives the impression that this relationship is about the sisters but that gets lost pretty quickly in the comedy. I’m not even sure why the sister, Tiffany, was in the movie except as comic relief. Tiffany Haddish was suitably annoying in it though. So there’s that but I don’t want to spoiler any further.

He also parables way too much. We get it, light skinneded guys are great and deserve a second chance. Guys who have priors from when they were young but have learned from their mistakes are perfect and won’t take shit. Everything can be resolved with a 90s rnb song or prayer. Everything

I think most of you will enjoy it though in that Girl’s Trip, we know it’s just for laughs kind of way? Go watch

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