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So I know a number of you want to get In Bed with Chelsea and why not? We’re currently getting over 70,000 page views a month and growth is our goal . So why not get in early whilst there is space? Pretty soon this Bed is going to be pretty full. Here are the various ways you can:

Musical Features:

Want us to play your mixtape or album in the background of our podcast show, In Bed with Chelsea? We’ll even add your music as a download on the website too. You need to have at least an hours of material and your music must be downloadable. Drop us an email and ask us how.

Guest Features:

Yes it’s true, MissTee and I love a 3sum. So if you have an event or business you want to come in and butt plug on the podcast then please send us a brief description. We may have to chat to you a little first to make sure that you are comfortable talking all things sexy. But we welcome guests. !


Have you got an event you want blogged about? Then invite me along and I’ll blog about it. Hurry though, my diary is a choc a block of things I have to go to.


Want to sponsor the website or the podcast? We are a little fussy as we want bed partners who are as ABC as we are ambitious, bold and cheeky. So if you are looking for a perfect match please ask for our rate card for various options or email us with your requirements.


Some advertisers have asked about buying on my blog to reach you  marvelous readers. So I’ve signed up for Blogads, which allows advertisers to order advertising here with just three clicks. You can support this site by clicking over to my blog advertising form and forwarding it to friends and colleagues who want to reach readers like you.


We are about to do podcasts from my actual Bed. Yes indeedy short podcasts on a blog. So if you want to sponsor a podcast or indeed feature on one then ask us how.


I blog, I write, I review, this is what I do. If you want your product or service featured in a blog then contact us to arrange it. I can’t promise a favourable review. Like if you own a restaurant and I take a date there and service is really slow I may just have to say it. Honesty is key. But if you know that you have a  great product or service then invite me to blog about it.


Please note that after some dubious dates through ‘fans’ in the past I no longer accept date requests through the site. I think it’s really lovely that you are intrigued and want to meet the mad woman behind the copious dating misadventures but let’s keep this real: I write of men in my past and most have not been positive. You don’t know what I look like and so declarations of love aren’t going to be taken seriously. I’m looking for love. I don’t think someone who has read my blogs on blowjobs and thought, yes we are a match is necessarily going to work for me. So thank you for the requests to get to know me or take me out but as you can probably guess the answer is NO! I’m flattered though.

That’s it!

Your options outlined. Please do get in touch and let’s discuss how we can get in bed together.


Chelsea Black


  1. I love your work!

    I have been reading your blog and I love the strong message you portray. I have begun working at a start-up in London called DATEnhance. We aim to help people take better photos and select better photos for their online dating profiles. We also will not stand in the way of love, if two users rate each other highly we let them connect! If you are doing any articles on online dating/COVID safe dating, we would be honoured to be mentioned in a blog post/tweet as a hack to make the online dating process easier!

    The world has shifted online so I believe it is important to let people know not to give up hope! We rate photos using artificial intelligence and user feedback – highlighting the importance of a photo as a whole, not on how attractive someone is. We believe in good lighting, a good outfit and a smile!

    Look forward to hearing from you,

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