Eyebrows part 2

I saw Eyebrows at another event yesterday. This is the problem with going to too many business networking events in a short period of time. I blame the Olympics. What nonsense is that!

At first I was pleased because although she was crossing her eyebrows at me trying to recollect where she knew me from, she didn’t recognise me or remember where we had met before. I patiently explained where waiting for the evil juju look but she really wasn’t on her best form today. It was late. I could forgive her.

She then traumatised me by trying to get my number. I refused politely by saying I had her card (a lie) but she took her phone out and tried to type it in. I threw her a business card. She smiled sweetly and said it would be nice to keep in touch.

Universe I beg you please, do not let me see those eyebrows again. My spirit can’t take it.

© Chelsea Black

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